Impromptu Friday

It was 10:30am and Pathology tute had finished. All dressed in my professional-patient-seeing clothes.. after a week of 7:30am starts, I was tired and could not be bothered to stay back and do Med-related work. I was dreaming of sleep superimposed on wanting to do something random and nothing to do with Med!!! After a gazillion phonecalls to friends and many non-pick ups and rejections because of other commitments, I finally reached Syahir! To my luck and his laziness, hehe.. he skipped his tute which was “sort of cancelled” to go on an impromptu catch-up date with me! YAY :D

We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant which its name escapes me now. I had tempura and udon, which was scrumptiously filling! :3 Afterwards we lied down on the grass in front of State Library, enjoying the rare presence of the sun and catching up on the last few months. There was heaps to catch up on! :D

Afterwards I shouted us Belgium waffles and we headed to his apartment which I haven’t seen since he and Tracey moved in early this year! Also to my delight Tracey had returned home from her tute and was there to greet me! Teehee! :D Syahir showed me around their now decorated and furnished place which I am in love with because it’s smack bang in the city and has the most glorious view. Syahir showed me his newly acquired guitar playing skills and taught me a few chords and we chatted into the night.

I didn’t realise how long we were there, until Jason called saying he was dropping by. We mucked around for an hour or so while Jason churned down some drinks and harped on about his recent man-crushes and Syahir prettified himself to go gay clubbing. Those boys are hilarious; I always have a great time with them and as we were walking down Flinders Street with our arms around each others shoulders I was so glad I decided to be lazy today and catch up with friends.

  1. winn said:

    ah! You’re so lucky to have belgium waffles ;__; I miss them so so much >: waffles aren’t really popular here and If I want to eat them I have to make them myself…

    I think I remember flinder’s street? =_=?

  2. Thao said:

    Sounds like a really fun Friday! And the food looks delicious! This reminds me to bring my camera with me more often.

  3. tiff said:

    Damn you Leanne and your posting delicious food picture antics!

  4. Joann said:

    BELGIAN WAFFLES!? *drools* I’m glad you got to get together with friends because it’s always nice to meet with people you haven’t seen for a while. It’s sort of refreshing!

  5. Leann said:

    Those Belgian waffles look delicious! I am drooling just looking at the photo :) It sounds like you had fun, especially lying in the grass with the warmth of the sun. Must have been so nice and relaxing!! I’m glad that you got to have some fun with your friends and get away from the school work :) Have an awesome week!

  6. Lorik said:

    YAY! i love this post because i can relate!! there is nothing greater in life than spending time with good friends…they rejuvinate you! You can talk about everything from happy stuff to things that bother you, and ultimately you feel better afterwards~ I’m glad you got to hang out with them and I hope you get to hang out more often~~

    i want waffles.

  7. Jenn~ said:

    What an awesome impromptu Friday, hehe~ The Belgian waffles look so tasty! I’m starving, too.. Manuel just went out to grab some to go food.

  8. Huimei said:

    Awww. I guess being the the company of friends is the best thing in life. I’ll love to meet up with more of my friends too. Glad to see that you had such a beautiful Friday night!

    The food looks great too. Hopefully there will be more of such Fridays! :)

  9. Steph said:

    I am so hungry just looking at that Belgian Waffle ;A;

  10. emma said:

    you always have amazing food pics
    i hate you!!!! lol

  11. Jenn said:

    yumm.. your food looks so delish!

    thats great you caught up with your friends. i sometimes wish i can do that with some of my friends i haven’t talked to in a while but they’re too busy!

  12. Daisy said:

    sounds like many great ways to have spent your friday with =D
    i die looking at the belgian waffle
    oh god soo good *O*

  13. Jen said:

    Tempura udon is the greatest. (Especially when the leave the tempura out of the soup)

  14. Minna said:

    oh YAY for great friends who skip classes for you!!! Why are my friends not like this, impulsive? I’d love to do the same.

  15. Mhaye said:

    oh i love waffles. ;))
    and delicious pics up there. haha. so mouthwatering. ;))

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