I’m starting to consider starting a weekly recollection of my rotations. Something similar to “Things I Love” which I do every Thurs/Fri, I should start some weekly “Med student rants slash memoirs .” This may help me in the long run since 3rd year is all about getting a feel of the different specialties at the Alfred Hospital, and if I still have no idea what I want to do by the end of final year, I can look back and see which unit I enjoyed most.

Well this week I was attached to the Trauma unit which has been pretty enjoyable, except for the 7:30 am Handovers. The consultants are lovely and unlike other surgical units I have been on, they treat their patients so well. They look at the whole picture, not just the medical problem. The registrars are extremely busy running around doing tertiary surveys, paper work and organising CT scans and referrals and the poor intern is stuck under piles of paperwork.

It’s really surprising to see some of the stupid and just pure-bad-luck things which happen to people. There is a lot of motorbike vs car, bike vs car, paedestrian vs car, etc scenarios and high alcohol and amphetamine levels are like the norm. They get freak accidents, suicide attempts, falls and the list goes on. 

I’ve spent my week reading patient histories, x-rays and CTs, talking to patients and then presenting their cases to the regs.  Also a lot of running around finding patient files and obs charts for ward rounds and jotting notes in them. Today I helped the trauma intern by doing a discharge summary for one of the patients. Poor interns.. they have so much paperwork to do! He looked really stressed~

Spent this morning in the Fracture clinic seeing patients and then asking the Ortho reg’s to double check. Sometimes, I think I should get paid since I do work interns and reg’s do! Hehe~ There is a growing number of  patient files with my scrawly handwriting and signature out there. :p       

  1. Steph said:

    I think the rant/memoir idea is a good one (I think I should do the same too, actually!). There are so many specialties out there that you think you might like, but actually when you start doing it, it seems less enjoyable than it sounds so it’s a good idea to note down everything XD

    Ahh yes, the stupid reasons why people end up in hospital. According to my friend’s mom (who’s a nurse here at a local government hospital) there are a lot of pregnant underage girls taking up half of the beds at her department =-=”

    Gosh, med seems like super hard work! Signing files is fun because it means you have something over and done with :P

  2. Thao said:

    Yes! Please do share your medical school experience here. I find them so interesting to read.

    It’s really tragic how people end up in the hospital for really stupid things, especially if the injury is really fatal. When I was working there, it was hard to see kids my age in the hospital because they’re a teen like me, yet they are going through a lot and sometimes, their lives are even cut short.

  3. Lorik said:

    your handwriting is not scrawly!! haha~
    I think it’s an awesome idea…years from now you can look back and read all the things that you have gone through!

    I hope things become less stressed for you…it never really does become less stressful, but I still hope~~~~~

  4. emma said:

    good luck!
    it sounds really intense
    i can only imagine what it’s like
    nothing like scrubs?!
    but im sure you could do it!!!!

  5. Daisy said:

    wow, i guess you can really get a sense of how often accidents happen when you work in the hospital, it’s too bad how these tragic things always have to happen

    though i know it’s stressful and tiring doing rotations like you are, i feel it really is an amazing experience to get to see and experience every department in the hospital. you should definitely do the weekly recollection, it’ll be wonderful to look back to!

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