Things I Love

Moving in unison by Kozyndan.

Just came home from dinner at Bluetrain with the lovelies who will be going to Italy with me :) So excited!

So here’s the list of delights which got me through this topsy turvy week.

Tracey: She’s beautiful. She’s hilarious. She’s one of a kind. Getting a call from her was what I really needed. She let me vent; she made me laugh; she made me feel at ease.

First plaster cast: I put on my first plaster this week! I plastered my partner’s forearm and graffitti-ed it with “By Leanne =)”. Teehehee I’m such a kid :p I also got plastered which was interesting because I’ve never broken anything before so have never worn a cast. I only wore it for 10 minutes and found it annoying– I can see why patients can get fed up with it. The machine to cut the cast is pretty cool too. Sounds and looks  freakin’ scary with it’s jagged blades but won’t even put a scratch on you!

Orthopaedics: People say it’s a “boy’s club” but I loved it! The ortho reg’s are hilarious! They are so easy-going and are definitely the “jocks” in the “doctor social hierarchy”. Haha~ During clinics they encouraged us to grab files and go see as many patients as we can. One of the reg’s even gave us tips on how to be cool if we decide to be orthopaedic surgeons. Eg. “Wearing gloves to plaster is really uncool. Ortho’s get down and dirty!” Hahaha xD  

Striking up conversation with a total stranger on the train: The most amazing thing happened to me the other day! I saw this girl standing on the train platform and she just had great style & an awesome looking camera dangling off her shoulder. We got on the same train and she sat right next to me. I turned to her and said “I really like your camera!” which progressed into a convo about photography, film, a little cute French slash Japanese inspired store in Flinders Lane, Med, Urban planning and a zillion other things. We just “clicked”! It was glorious… she was like my Art twin! Every artist, every gallery, every website she mentioned I knew and browse in my spare time. I found out where she got her beautiful camera and her stylish Paddington-bear-like jacket from and since she’s studying Urban planning I also got to find out some secret projects planned for the suburb I lived in. The amazing things you learn and gain by talking to a stranger! :D

Other loves — Hot orthopaedic reg! – he has the most intense eyes and he definitely makes 7am meetings interesting, hehe; Jason’s Lady Gaga themed 21st Birthday– can’t wait!; getting compliments on my hair; karma – sometimes I really lub you when you come at the right time!; David Choi’s “Won’t Even Start” — a song about seeing the person who broke your heart walking down the street; Naruto Shippuuden ep 108; talking Anime with my 7 & 8 year old students – HAHA; planning my Italian trip itinery; chatting with Nat in the common room;  talking Art; getting my MCR over and done with! (& doing well) :D; discussing what powers I would have if I were a superhero or supervillain :F; boys who clean up really well and finally all your comments– sometimes they really bring a smile to my face after a long day — thank-you!!! ♥        

I have a 21st Birthday tomorrow and am feeling rather nervous/anxious because I might face an old memory tomorrow. David Choi’s “Won’t Even Start” song comes to mind.

  1. winn said:

    Mer-bunnies :0 interesting and mysterious!
    Talking to strangers can be a really fun experience but for some odd reason dodgy people talk to me more often than I’d like… v__v

  2. Daisy said:

    aww, talking to the girl stranger sounds amazing indeed, did you guys exchange contact info afterwards? sometimes i really get the urge to strike up a convo with a stranger i really like too, but most of the time i’m too shy to start anything, haha xD

    that illustration, at first i thought they were bunnies, but with a closer look, something like bunny-fishes? xD cute though! :3

  3. tart said:

    *hugs hugs hugs* (and never lets go ‘cos i love squish-hugging you to bits)

  4. Katy said:

    I think it’s awesome to meet a stranger with the similar interests as you… I’d love to do that except I’m not a great conversationalist.

  5. Tara said:

    I love striking conversations up with people I don’t know! I haven’t done that in ages, though. The last time something like that happened to me, I was the initiator. Instead, some videogame/anime fan was listening to a conversation I had with these people, and she just walked over to us and asked if she could join in since we were talking about stuff that interested her! Luckily for her and me, we became good friends after that incident!

  6. Anna said:

    I love nice strangers!!!

    And haha! Hot doctors <33

  7. Steph said:

    Wow! I would never have the courage to have a random talk with a stranger! In a way, I find it embarrassing how my parents do that quite often =-=” But then the way how you managed to find a stranger with the same interests is really amazing and I’m kind of envying you right now xD

  8. mishi said:

    Italy sounds like it will be amazing~

    I remember I had on the cast thing because I fractured my left thumb and it got sooooo annoying. Taking it off… so scary XD it didn’t touch the skin but I felt the heat #_#

    Happy belated birthday =)

  9. hannie said:

    i love how you’re so artsy/chic/fashionable !! i like hearing about your life. your story with meeting the stranger sounds like a good movie plot or book!

  10. Jen said:

    Isn’t is a trip when you meet someone who is like your “soulmate” (even though they’re the same gender). My friend’s girlfriend and I have much much in common when it comes to internet and online things, it’s oddly strange, but kind of cool. But it’s even better than you met her on the train as a stranger.

  11. emma said:

    that’s so cool
    we have no cool people taking buses
    and im wayyy too shy to talk to people
    it’s really hard haha

  12. tiff said:

    Making conversation with a stranger is a really, really great feeling…just as long as they’re not creeps :)

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