Girls are GARRGH!

I’ve been holding this in for years and I just thought.. no maybe I’m just meeting the wrong people or maybe it’s just coincidence. For pete’s sake why are girls so freakin’ bitchy, two-faced, gossipy fakers?!

Throughout highschool, I had more guy friends and girl friends because it just happened that way. When I approached Uni I thought it would be nice to have more girl friends. You know.. to go shopping, to do “girly things” and to have someone who understands the “girl” side of things. I swear since then I’ve made friends who I thought were awesome but in the end they just fit the description I mentioned in the first paragraph. 

I am so sick of it! Can you just be sincere for one minute? Can you just listen to a friend because they need someone to talk to, not because you want to know everything about them and gossip about it later? Can you just stop pretending to hate someone who broke your friend’s heart and then turn around and be your friend’s ex’s best pal? Can you stop making assumptions and just ask the source what is really going on? Can you stop being so damn fake? Can you stop complaining about some dude who keeps following you when you’re obviously leading him on?!!!! That’s why I like hanging out with the guys because they say it how it is but sometimes they are a bit stupid (but that’s another rant).

But of course there are exceptions… but with all this junk I can’t help but feel that these exceptions may someday turn around and become what I fear too. GARGHH .. I’m so freakin’ annoyed right now!

  1. winn said:

    I prefer hanging out with guys more too since I was never the girly type and most of my girl friends aren’t that girly too… but yes, girls can be horrible =_=; 3 years at an all girls HS = HELL. Personally I think they do that to stir things up to relieve boredom / to brag / pretend to be nice so everyone likes them or something :/

  2. Girls can be awful – my good friend’s younger sister was a terrible brat, like that too, it was hard to hang out with her because her sister was such a rotten person. I don’t know why some girls can’t see the damage they do.

  3. Anna said:

    Psych!!! Me and a friend of mine were just talking about another friend of ours only having boy friends, and it seems as if she has a girl complex as well.. Doesn’t have any girl friends, only boy friends almost.. Haha :p After reading this I know how she might be thinking about girls! :p And yes, some girls can be sooooooo bad, and just use you and throw you away afterwards (yes, and who said only boys).. but when you find the right friends, they’re really nice! You’ll meet honest and good girlfriends!

  4. tiff said:

    No, girls, women…they’re all awful.

    I have only three girlfriends are actually not like the average, bitchy, insecure woman.

    But I’m not saying guys are better than we are, guys use fists, girls use tits (jk it rhymed I had to lol). Guys are more violent and physically impulsive. Whereas chicks belittle others by using manipulations, emotions, etc.

  5. Leanne said:

    Boys are so stupid *sigh*. I agree some girls are so bitchy but I think once you find a really good girl friend then you’ve found someone you can truly trust. I guess I’m a really girly girl so I have more girl friends than guy friends but then I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to make guy friends since I was never really interested and went to an all girls school.

  6. Lorik said:

    wow…well..thats exactly how i am. I have only guy friends. My only girlfriends are people I have never met in my life haha like you~~ it kind of worries me because i have only guys to talk to…and my parents always say that I should find some girls, but I just CANT talk to them…I really can’t. I have tried, but it never works. Im happy I have a sister I can talk to every now and then, but ughh girls…suck.

  7. tart said:


    i love my girlfriends =( but maybe that’s ‘cos i went to an all girls school so we didn’t have boys to backstab ourselves around for :(

    *hugs* hope everything works out

  8. Jenii said:

    TOTALLY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!! Females are evil. I’ve already tasted that sucky side of chickfriends in middle-high school and have been cautious ever since. I’ve also made it a part of me to never talk shit about anyone. It’s sometimes hard when everyone around talks shit on each other…so lame!

    And thus, I’ve been hanging out with homeboys ever since. It’s just so much easier….kinda. They can be uber stupid sometimes…;;==

  9. Jen said:

    “Can you stop complaining about some dude who keeps following you when you’re obviously leading him on?!!!! ”
    YOU SAID IT GIRL! This one seems very familiar.

    I think that’s just they was us girls are though. I wonder if guys think we’re nuts. hahaha. I agree that guys are great friends when it comes to drama free fun. Sometimes though, they don’t give the same comfort and the words that us girls need to hear when we’re down. Catch twenty-two…

  10. Thao said:

    For me, I’ve had a fair share of good times and bad times from both gender groups. My two best friends are girls and we try to keep it drama free as possible. And if something does come up, it’s usually something that happened outside of the group. I have also an even share of guy friends too. However, they also can be super insensitive and exclusive sometimes and their jokes and pranks can turn into just plain bullying.

    Rather than the gender, I think it’s just the type of people that they are. Don’t lose faith in the female population just yet. I’m sure you’ll find a nice girl who won’t talk trash and will honest and open with you.

  11. Daisy said:

    i personally have a lot more girl friends than i do guys, though i haven’t really encountered much drama like you described, i do understand where your concern can come from.

    i have more or less seen and heard some of those girl problems from people around me, it is scary and can make you sad, but i do believe in good girls who you can trust and pour your heart out to. i’m sure they exist, so don’t give up in them! =)

  12. Tara said:

    I agree with Thao. Both genders have their own sets of issues! I judge more on the basis on what kind of person they are and what interest they have. For an example, I know I wll NOT be good friends with the type of woman who only cares about fashion/appearance/make-up/celebrity gossip, and etcetera. I have nothing against people who are into those, but if that’s ALL they are going to talk about, then I will definitely make myself sparse around them. As for guys, same thing! If they only talk about cars, sports, and whatever else I am not interested in, I will stay away.

    And if both genders are jerkwads, then they can kiss my butt goodbye since I will not consider them worthy of my time to be friends with them. Hahaha. :D`

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