I’m absolutely knackered and any minute now I’m going to keal over into happy dreams. I don’t know whether I’m suffering from chronic fatigue but I’ve been feeling mentally and physically exhausted everyday for the past few weeks and it’s affecting my motivation and I’ve just been feeling down.

I went to see the Student Support lady to ask for assistance for the exhaustion and study and she just told me the things I knew but didn’t want to do. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really cut out for this…

I was on Dermatology this week which was the most relaxing week I’ve had in months (but then I still felt fatigued). The dermatologists are lovely. They introduced themselves everytime, always asked for my name and always made sure I got to see the lesion through the dermatoscope. I also got to do a core/punch out biopsy!

Today I finished around lunchtime so I went off to do some errands. Stopped by Laurent and picked up some cakes (above) before heading over to Kelly’s house for a catch up and a trim. It’s so sad because she’s at Dandenong Hospital, so I rarely see her, a huge contrast to last year where I saw her everyday. But with my monthly need to keep my hair short; it has forced us to meet up nearly once a month :) She’s like my little back up hairdresser who gives me trims. There’s no point going to a proper hairdresser and paying $$$ just for a trim. Teehee~ Kelly has been looking up “boy cuts” on Youtube, so she tried a new do on me today. I look like a pixie ^__^

Ahh I want to reply to emails but I think I’m nodding off… buena notte lovelies~

  1. Daisy said:

    it must be so nice to have a friend who can take care of your hair! :3 i wish you can find a way to treat the exhausted-ness soon! get some good sleep in the weekend! =)

    & the cakes look amazing! especially the one on the right *O*

  2. Tara said:

    Delicious looking food! You always make me hungry!

    I do hope your fatigue leaves you soon! Try to get a lot of rest, or at least do naps during the day. Those really help!

  3. *drool* Ahh delicious. Had a banana crepe today that looked like this!

  4. Lorik said:

    hahaha~ you are always posting yummy pictures! making me crave sweets~
    YOU ARE CUT OUT FOR THIS!! it’s always tough..but you can do it! COME ON I GOT YOUR BACK~~

  5. emma said:

    I totally get what you mean about the fatigue, unfortunately it’s one of those things. I am not busy at all yet I’m tired all the time.
    I think it’s the mood, feeling pretty lonely recently. Anyways, the dermatology unit sounded fun, you’re lucky to be in med! Work hard!
    and those cakes look absolutely delicious!
    HEY! I changed my URL if you’re not too busy please change it, thanks!

  6. Mhaye said:

    just take a rest dear. give your self a break. ;)

  7. Kim said:

    Sometimes just taking a few days off is wonderful. I often feel exhausted, and even with a few days’ break, I am still unmotivated, but it’s a nice vacation.

    OMG take a DAYcation!

  8. Leanne said:

    I hope you’re taking care of yourself Leanne! It sounds so stressful :(

  9. Jenii said:

    Push on through! You can doooooo eeeeeeet!!

    One day you’ll look back on these days and laugh about how tired you used to be :D Definitely don’t forget to schedule some Leatime to unwind and recollect yourself!

    Fabulous cakes!! Hope you had a great time + trim!

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