Things I Love

I haven’t done this for about a month, and I think it’s about time I get back into this weekly routine of writing a list of loveliness or I’ll find myself crawling into a hole. I’ve been trying to stay positive but there are some things I’m really struggling with at the moment. So let’s take a breath, put on some Jason Mraz and write this beautiful list.

Catching up with a dear friend over fondue: I was really looking forward to seeing Frances this week. I just needed a friendly face, a reliable face and it was absolutely great to catch up and talk about everything with her.

Naruto fangirling on a car trip: Jason has started watching Naruto again and we just went fangirl crazy in his car as we discussed about Naruto characters as though they were our friends and wishing we were awesome ninjas too~ xD 

Jason Mraz: His music has been like warm hugs and hot chocolate these past cold days.

Sleeping in: It’s rare nowadays, but it feels so damn good when there’s a chance.

Master Chef: It just started and it’s really addictive~~~~ !

Other lovelies: cute shy left-handed Endocrinology Registrars; taking my own initiative; being asked out for lunch; finishing Scrubs season 8; Naruto Shippuuden; dairy milk chocolate; my make believe dress-up Fridays; wearing my high-waisted skirt- makes me feel feminine :p; nice patients; Beluga club sandwiches; observing true love; Cafe No.12– I have yet to buy something from here, but it’s so photogenic and cute and I adore walking past it on Friday mornings; picking myself up everytime I fall; scrubbing in for the first time; planning a girls night; feel good read; brainstorming gift ideas for Mother’s Day & my little sister’s Birthday; considering back-packing in Japan (hehe) and finally striking up conversation with a face I see everyday but never spoke to.

  1. Jenn~ said:

    Gah, that fondue looks super yummy!! I slept in soooo late today; it was nice since I had to wake up early all week.:D

  2. Anna said:

    Oh my god that fondue looks sooooooooo good!!! My mouth’s all watering :O I don’t think we have places here in Norway where we can get fondues. Or at least I haven’t seen any :p Maybe I should try making my own homemade :D

  3. Lorik said:

    not fair posting a picture of something that looks so good!! haha~ I want!!

    ^______^ Im glad you got a chance to hang out with a close friend~ And I have four days left till school is over with, then I will be able to SLEEEEP!!!!

  4. Nanako said:

    ohhhmegosh that stuff looks amazing!
    all your days are unique~

  5. Thao said:

    I totally forgot how simple and delicious fondues are. The weather is still so cold, making it perfect for anything warm and chocolatey.

  6. Jen said:

    Man that fondue looks drool-worthy!!

    Backpacking in Japan IS quite a LOVE idea!

  7. Jen said:

    Fondue! It looks delicious.

    Can’t go wrong with sleeping in. And I thought I was the only one who got giddy about lunch dates. =P

  8. tiff said:

    Hehe I think it’s always nice to post things you love every now and then, I’m sure it takes away some stress/worries. :)

  9. winn said:

    (i’m sorry but I left caps on Dx and i’m too lazy / hands hard cold to retype. damn winter D: )

  10. Jenn said:

    i totally just drooled when i saw that fondue picture. :D

    it looks so delish !

  11. Kim said:

    MMMM fondue is so fabulous and fun! I am always the one to get chocolate on herself though. Sometimes, my mom and I like to order some cheese fondue as an appetizer.

    2/3 of my school year have been spent waking up early for classes, and this quarter, I get to sleep in two days a week, not including the weekends. It is so glorious, and sometimes I feel a little guilty… but there’s nothing better than a full night’s rest.

  12. Jenii said:

    GYAAAAAAAAAH, fondueeee NOM. Sleeping in is fantastic :D OMG, I want a sandwich….a fabulous, triple stacked sandwich of deliciousness!! GYAAAA!

  13. Leanne said:

    I am so, so, so loving Jason Mraz’s music at the moment too! Hehe and that fondue is from Max Brener right? :D

  14. Oh man – fondue YES – Max Brener makes me want to die of happiness

  15. Daisy said:

    omg the fondue, i am drooling… *O*
    i haven’t had the chance to sleep in for so long, it definitely feels so so very good when possible!

  16. hannie said:

    that fondue looks really good! i love your blog posts, they’re always so interesting haha!

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