Plastics plastics plastics

I started my Musculoskeletal rotation this week with the Plastics Unit. I have always been intrigued by Plastics; I think it’s the artsy nature of it which interests me so I was looking forward to this week.

I observed a number of surgeries: removal of skin cancers, manipulating scars, liposuction of gynecomastia and yesterday I got to scrub in (help out) for a neck dissection! :D It was pretty cool; I helped by holding the neck open with cat’s claws while the reg cut/tied up the arteries and veins and identified the nerves before removing all the lymph nodes from the neck. 

Yesterday I helped out in the Plastics post-op review clinic and  saw a patient who was a soldier and he kept replying with “Yes ma’m” and “No ma’m” to everything I said or asked, hehe~ He was pretty obedient with everything I or the res said :p

A very interesting week but one downfall was how the surgeons treated/talked to patients. Sometimes I feel like they forget that that crushed leg or skin cancer is attached to a person.  I also found this rotation to be more “graphic” because you could see the injuries outside and inside the body, like skin being ripped open to reveal the interior whereas in neurosurgery (last week) everything was hidden on the inside.

My cold is getting better but feeling rather drained because of long hours this week. I was at the Alfred from 6:30am-5pm on Wednesday and 7am-5pm on Thursday. Therefore, I was really looking forward to today! After Pathology tute I went up on my own to see 2 patients and even though I was really tired I was hoping to catch up with my friend Hamon. But he seemed busy (more sus)… It’s annoying because even though we’re at the same hospital we rarely get to see one another! :( I’m starting to give up trying…

As I was about to head home, Jono, a final year Med student asked me if I wanted to have lunch, so we went to Beluga, and I had the best club sandwich ever! I have been craving burgers/giant sandwiches ever since Tiff’s post, so this definitely satisfied my cravings.

I’m seeing an old friend tomorrow! YAY :D

  1. Tara said:

    Yesterday I helped out in the Plastics post-op review clinic and saw a patient who was a soldier and he kept replying with “Yes ma’m” and ”No ma’m” to everything I said or asked, hehe~ He was pretty obedient with everything I or the res said :p

    This cracked me up so bad since I’m affiliated with the military, and I hear the whole “yes ma’am/sir” every day that it doesn’t faze me at all ^^

    I hope your cold gets better and you have fun with your friend tomorrow! ^_^

  2. daisy said:

    haha, the soldier part sounds like a scene coming out of a movie or something, kinda funny xD

    glad you’re feeling better, enjoy the weekend!! =)

  3. winn said:

    now I want to eat a giant burger / sandwich too… the weather suddenly changed… it’s so miserable now (and i think i’m getting sick too, right before grad OTL).
    take care leanne~

  4. Anna said:

    Haha! That incident with the army-boy cracked me up!! I would seriously laugh hard if I were you XD Haha, but I’m glad you didn’t. And you look so professional in that photo! Nice <3

  5. WOW! That is certainly serious business.

    I get faint of heart watching someone eat natto, haha

  6. Jen said:

    SO fantastic you got the scrub in on a procedure!!!!

    I’ve heard surgeons have a tendency to lack some bedside manners. :(

  7. tiff said:

    “Best club sandwich ever?” Should have taken a photo of it! We could’ve had a burger-showoff!

  8. gilda said:

    that is so cute. although everytime someone calls me ma’am, i feel old.

    i swear everytime i visit your blog, i’m always hungry and then i see all these food pictures and i gag.

    so are all these classes for like plastic surgery and dermatology etc, general classes you go to so that you have an idea of everything?

    you need to be a plastic surgeon. or dermatologist. they must make the most money. i mean, people wil always be vain! haha!

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