Look what came in the mail!


Centre spread = VECTOR!


Teehee, so excited to see my own work printed on pretty glossy paper! Have been working on the next edition for the past month or two which has been stressing me out as I try to not to fall behind on Med stuff (which I have) but at the same time want to design something with the best of my ability! It’s a bugger that I don’t have the time to just sit and study the ins and outs of Adobe Indesign.. I would like to do so much more! >_<

Gahh, I’ve just been feeling really shit recently. The weather has been dreadful and it’s making me really blue and my cold even worse. I’m not a huge fan of winter– I want it to be Spring! D:

  1. Tara said:

    Awesome!!! <3 Looks fantastic!

    And dude, I’ll trade your coming winter with my coming summer! Hope you feel better later! Sounds like the flu/cold and the winter blahs!

  2. Lorik said:

    !!!!!!!!! YAY~ how exciting!! It’s alwasy incredible fun to see stuff you worked hard on be printed! Good job Leanne, you should be proud of yourself~

    lolll my hand! i forgot

    Yeah..fall is always a little dreadful…I dunno…I like it to be either Winter or Spring or Summer haha…fall is just BLAAAA I always think about how its opposite for you in Australia…I’ll be like…”Oh what a nice warm day…I wonder how it is in Australia…”

  3. daisy said:

    ive been wanting to see this!
    it looks great, must be amazing to see your own designs printed like that! good luck with the next edition =)

    i hope it won’t be such a long and cold winter approaching your side

  4. Becca said:

    i had a total brain fart and forgot that you are in the southern hemisphere and that your seasons are not the same… awesome design! and sit next to a heater if you are cold : (

  5. Leanne said:

    Ahhh! How exciting it looks fantastic! Aw man, I bet it’s a lot colder than Sydney and I’m finding the cold almost anbearable! Like the sun is always burning hot though, when it’s out that it :P

  6. Anna said:

    Awesome! It looks like your dream to become a doctor AND a designer might not be as far away as you thought :p

  7. Jenii said:

    Waaaaa *o* awesome work!! Looks impressive :D Hope tons of people get be awestruck by your work XD

    FEEL BETTER!!!!!

  8. Thao said:

    Woohoo! Congrats on your vector layout. Looks so pro!

    It’s spring over here, yet we’re having winter weather. I’m always so cold!

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