Jason Mraz makes me smile

Went to see Jason Mraz at the Palais on Monday night!! ♥

He was charming, adorable and all things warm and comforting. I love it when he sings his slow songs with his guitar and his pal Toca Rivera on the bongoes; suddenly everything is still and I feel myself being wrapped in his chords. His music makes the bitter into bittersweet; the dull into cheek; and the emptiness into love. I’m listening to him right now :)

Eric Hutchinson was one of the supporting acts and my friends and I managed to get a photo with him :p ~ Pity Jason can’t go out and take photos with his fans– we’ll probably mob him. HAHA~ Couldn’t take good photos of him because we were sitting kind of far, but bought a t-shirt! It’s 3 sizes too big, but who cares.. shall make sexy PJs and home-bumming clothes :D

On not so heartwarming news, I am sick D: ! Ever since I started at the Alfred, my immune system has gone berserk! My skin has erupted in pimples (and my skin rarely had pimples!) ;__; and I’m constantly feeling dizzy, fatigued and getting sick x__x; Maybe it’s a mixture of stress and putting my mind and body through trauma last year. I didn’t fall ill at all last year and now it’s catching up with the added lack of self-care. Damnit! I really want to go to Harriet’s 21st at the Rochester tomorrow night! Also I’ve finished my ‘Head and Neck’ rotation and am off to Musculoskeletal next week.. my first musculoskeletal rotation is Plastics! I’m really looking forward to it~ Let’s hope I feel a tad better tomorrow.. if not.. at least for the Plastics rotation and their 6:30am ward rounds x_x;

Randomness- Mum bought this today and it only costed $2.50!!!! Damn blocked nose~ >_<;

  1. Feel better!

    Those pastries are making me drool >.<

  2. Thao said:

    WHOA!! So jealous! Jason Mraz!! *love love love*

    Yum, the pastries look so delicious. And that is really cheap. I want cheap pastries!!

  3. Jen said:

    I love Mraz’s music. <3 Lucky you made it to his concert. Take care of yourself if you’re sick. All my friends and family are getting sick too, it just goes around and around.

    OMG, are those cream puffs? *drools*

  4. Anna said:

    Jason Mraz!!! <3 Only if I was there too :( But I will snatch him the next time he’s in Norway. :P

    I didn’t used to get sick either, and for some strange reason I always get sick in schoolbreaks, like easterbreaks and christmasbreaks. I’m wondering if it’s got something to do with the fact that our whole body suddenly relaxes and our immunesystem just throws in the towel :p Haha!

    Those cakes and delights looks so good~!

    Get better Leanne!

    Oh and btw, you might have noticed, but I added you on Facebook. Hope you don’t mind! :)

  5. Jenn~ said:

    Oo, sounds like such fun at the concert!! Cute photo, too~~

    I got sick the first day of my Spring Break, waaaaii.. can’t believe it’s almost over, too!! ;___; I hope you’re feeling better. It sucks to feel sickly and not even being able to taste takes the cake, ughhh~~

  6. Trish said:

    I think the pimples could be from stress, that’s what’s been happening to me, and I never get them, either. I’m not much of a fan of Jason, but it’s cool you got to see him. I like “Remedy”…and that’s all I’ve heard of him. Not my kind of music.
    Oh my God, cakes look so good! :9

  7. Lorik said:

    ah! my first comment didn’t work ;____;

    I hope you are feeling much better today~ Take care of yourself…its hard to do when you are busy with school…but still!!!~~ I have been sick for a month now, and im just getting better~ It just takes time I guess~ ~~~

    Ah! Jason Mraz! I remember a few years ago i would listen to some of his songs…he is a really great musician~ I’m glad you had a good time ^_______^


  8. Sean said:

    I never liked Jason Mraz much, though I am more a rock child, it is what I was raised on. Glad you had fun at the concert though and hope you feel better soon.

  9. hannie said:

    i love jason mraz!!!!!! whenever his song comes on the radio i turn it up full blast. <3

    sick!?!? everyone here is sick right now -___-” i’v also been breaking out in pimples! i never have pimples…but lately ive been having so many, its disgusting :( haha i hope your skin clears up! use lots of moisturizer…my skin has been clearing up b/c of it!

  10. daisy said:

    the pastries look amazing! are the little ones choux cremes? yum yumm *O*

    the concert looks fun =) but im sorry to hear that you were sick.. take care & i hope the stress will ease away~

  11. Leann said:

    Wow! It must have been a great concert. I don’t listen to Jason Mraz much but I have a few friends who absolutely love his music!! :P Those pasteries also look so tasty and I’m sure they tasted good too! Reminds me of how my aunt bought 2 boxes full of Chinese pasteries for us today when we are leaving town in 2 days…we’re never going to finish them! Well I hope that you feel better from being sick! Take care! :)

  12. Leanne said:

    Love, love, love Jason Mraz! Wish I got to see him and a bajillion others who decided to visit Australia this year! I’m seeing Beyonce though :D :D

    Aww, I hope you’re feeling better now~ Being sick is always so horrible even if it’s not very serious :(

  13. Jenii said:

    The concert sounds amazing. It’s pretty sad but I’ve only heard his sing a few weeks ago though his name has been floating around everywhere DX

    NYUUUUUU! Feel better darling! Hope it goes away real sooooon!

    GYA! What a luscious assortment of sugary deliciousness :D

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