Reliving the old Friday nights

It’s Easter break; Friday night; so went clubbing.

Had pre-drinks then went to Seven but there was some mix up with the guestlist so we were sent from the front of the VIP line to the back of general admissions line! D: Damn Will (who was already inside) for not giving us proper info! But then that boy was already off his face..

We couldn’t be bothered waiting so we decided to head off to Chasers where Steph’s boyfriend, Thai had a table. Had some issues with dress code with the guys — AIYAH~ We just kept running into red tape! Bas was wearing a hoodie and the club’s dresscode was no hoodies @_@;; So we had to venture down to Coles and purchase some cheap singlet and then covered it with Thai’s jacket. Chasers is so strict! The bouncer was staring at my ID and my face for like 5 minutes because my ID was taken when I had long hair and wearing glasses and I’m was the opposite last night. Haha ^^;; Also had to get our IDs scanned to see if they were real!  But then the reason they are so strict is that Chasers is very known for constant Police raids, so I guess they are trying to clean themselves up. ^^;;

Finally, we got in at midnight but it ended up being a pretty good night. The music was pretty good, better than most clubs I’ve been to in the past. Only criticism is that they didn’t play Akon’s Beautiful song long enough! One chorus?!! What is that?! :p We had a few shots of Cowboys, Jagerbombs and Absent (?) and just danced the night away. There was also a Ralph swimwear model competition so the guys got a kick out of that and Steph got a photo with one of the models :p

Got home at 4 and had to wake up this morning to work x_x;;    

It’s been so long since I’ve been clubbing that I’ve almost forgotten whether I liked it or not. HAHA~ :D I enjoy the dancing the night away with friends to good music but not too keen on lining up and money and then waking up the next morning having to go to work. :p 

  1. Jenn~ said:

    Hey Leanne!! Glad to see you’re having an awesome time with your friends~ ^^ Hope you have a wonderful break, too!

  2. Anna said:

    WAH! YOU LOOK SO CUTE IN THAT PICTURE! Keep your short hair FOREVER!! <3333333 Haha.

    And goodness it’s been a long time since I’ve gone REALLY clubbing as well.. not that I’m much of a clubbing person anyways :P But clubbing once in a while is fun!

    I’m glad you had a blast, and sorry you have to work after a couple of hours sleep. I just hope you’re not to hung over XD *HUGS*

  3. tiff said:

    HLY SHIT that place you went to sounds so anal! Geez, I’ve never had to go to such a place as that.

  4. daisy said:

    you have to work on saturday?
    sucks that you have to get up the next day ;_;
    im not a clubbing person, but sounds like funnn =3

  5. Mayumi said:

    aw sucks about all the problems to get into the clubs, also the fact you had work next morning. I probably wouldve called in sick:3
    luckily you had a good time!

  6. hannie said:

    dude you’re so lucky that you can go to clubs! i’ve been to 20 and younger clubs, and they’re NO FUN! i cant wait til i turn 21…. haha! ya, so many clubs have all these rules, kinda lame!

    you look cute btw!

  7. Lorik said:

    awwwww you look so cute ^__________^ I’m glad you had fun~ I’m glad you get to hang out with your friends and have a good time haha~ I don’t go to clubs really…so I’m not familiar with dress codes but it sounds strange haha~
    I hung out with my friends on Friday…I hadnt hung out with them since last year…and it felt nice~

  8. Jen said:

    That’s good that the club is being careful. When I went to Hollywood to the club, the bouncer analyzed my Hawaii ID carefully too. Ever since the movie Superbad I guess they’re all skeptical of Hawaii IDs. Oh well.
    Thats a cute picture of you two.

  9. I used to go clubbing when I lived in Manhattan – but man, is it expensive and the guys can be super creepy >.<

    That’s awesome you had fun! I miss getting all dressed up with friends!

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