I am so freakin’ excited about my trip to Italy in June!!!!! I couldn’t sleep last night because my heart was dancing and my stomach was fluttering and my mind was twirling as I imagined all the amazing, hilarious and magical potential adventures I will be having.

There was an ‘Italian Rendezvous’ last night at the University Café on Lygon Street with people who went last year and all the people going this year. There is Adina, who is like the ‘leader’ of this trip and who was one of my anatomy lecturers in first and second year, and she is absolutely awesome to be around. She’s so joyful and relaxed and basically we can do whatever we want! The only compulsory things we have to go to are the anatomy lectures she gives to the Arts students and she swears by the end of the trip we’ll be whizzes at anatomy. :D Makes me feel heaps better because I’ve neglected anatomy recently ^^;;

We can tag along with the Arts students and join in some of their activities and this year, there’s focus on drawing! We’ll spend a day in Florence and peruse galleries and visit the first Anatomy museum which Galileo taught in! I seriously fell off my chair when I saw a photo of Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ which one of last year’s student illegally/sneakily took. :O!!!!

There will also be 3 other med students and 25 Art students, who will already be in Italy. My good friend Anthony is coming and I met the other med students last night and they are pretty keen on no sleep and having a blast! Hoorah! ;p I can’t wait! We’ll be staying at a hotel in Prato, which is a medieval town … my mind is buzzing with potential photo opportunities~ (^^)v Adina mentioned there was a hot chocolate place with 32 flavours of hot chocolate and according to Anthony I nearly had a half orgasm when I heard that ^^;;

OMFG! I think I’m going to be on a constant high over there — everything about Italy is sending tingles through my body! From being the birth place of artists which works and thoughts revolutionised the art and science world, to a beautiful/photogenic place which holds  a tonne of history, culture, delicious food and and…. fashion!!!!!     

I am so excited I don’t think there is enough exclamation marks to show how thrilled I am! xDDD

  1. Tara said:

    Sounds like fun! You’re lucky that you get to go to Italy! :D I wish I could travel somewhere right now! Alas, moola is the issue.

  2. Karen said:

    Your trip sounds so exciting!!! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and share them with us. Have fun :D

  3. Thao said:


    Remember to take tons of pictures and whore that camera around!

  4. daisy said:

    gosh that sounds sooooo amazing *O*
    you’re giving me all these exciting images now xD

  5. tart said:

    NICEEE orgasm!!! hehe i’m planning to travel europe during out end of year break!! i’m really excited as well hehehe

    tho! u are getting tingles – i am totes ealous hehe

  6. Minna said:

    You’re going to Italy?!?? WELCOME TO EUROPE! I hope you will enjoy youself :D I’d like to come to your anatomy classes too, sounds much more fun than my 4 hour lectures eearly on Friday mornings in a cold cold Lund :( Anatomy and drawing go well together though, maybe try drawing anatomy, and you’ll learn both ;-)

    I THINK I get how overly excited you are. It’s great Leanne, ENJOY! :D

  7. tiff said:

    Omg. Have fun on your trip. Take me with you preeease!!

  8. oh man Italy! An artist’s mecca

    Have fun and eat lots of great food!!

  9. Anna said:

    Italy!! <333 I’m so excited for you too!

    Be sure to take lots of pictures and have a blast there!!!

  10. Jenii said:

    It’s been a while but…..

    Italy IS going to be amazing. Don’t forget to take tons of photos and eat TONS of deliciousness. WAAA!!! So exciting!!!!

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