Retail needs some petite therapy


I had a dose of retail therapy on Chapel Street today. Well it was more: I need to find a black business skirt for the Alfred! Need some femininism oozing out of me; the black pants and shirts and my short hair are starting to make me feel manly. ^^;; (But then I’m starting to dig androgyny fashion :p)

Took me forever to find a skirt which fitted snug around my waist and when I finally did it was a lot of $, but I’m going to make it worth its while by wearing it a lot! Someone out there should create a store which fits petite people! It’s so annoying when the smallest size is too big or too long! It will sure diminish all the times of disappointment when a hot skirt slides off or a dress drags across the floor. Sometimes I feel like a little girl in grown-up clothing.

I stumbled across a shop called “A Store” and it had the nicest floral skirt and hot business woman slash potential to knock the socks off your date, dress but being on a tight budget and having just bought a pricey skirt I couldn’t buy it. :( They were also a tad big, so not enough to persuade me to take out my moolah.

Easter weekend has been a mix of things. My family was randomly invited to the 80th and 90th Birthday of the grandparents of the children I tutor. I’ve forgotten how highly valued teachers are to Asians, because when I arrived the family got so excited and were treating me like some famous person. It was a huge feast which included mouthwatering dishes like crab soup, pork and lobsterrrrr!!! :3

Other than that, I hung out at my friend Michael’s place on Friday, watched Naruto & Scrubs and browsed fashion blogs on Saturday and generally have been eating  way too much! I don’t know what it is! I’m churning down packets of Twisties, Suga & nuts! D: I also got my phone changed from Telstra to Optus which has been a hassle.

Ah well, I should get some study done before Monday is over. Toodles!

  1. Anna said:

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

    I love the photo of you! You look so cute! x3

    Shopping really relaxes people down, even though it can be stressing running around like that, but at the same time, it’s the first thing I do when I feel like too much school-works’ being thrown at me.

    Naturo & Scrubs =3

    Have a nice week Leanne~

  2. Thao said:

    Ah you look like a model, all trendy and such.

    Shopping for business clothes can be so hard because they tend to be really too large or ugly and if they fit and are cute, they usually cost a lot $$$.

    Sounds like you had a good time though. Ah it’s so hard to sit down and study when there’s so much fun happening outside…..

  3. Karen said:

    Those are the photos of the university that I’ll be attending this fall. I guess I should clarify that since you are the second person who asked. ^^ The 3rd and 4th photo are dorms (I’ll be able to live in one of those after the 1st year).

    Ahh, retail therapy. I really need one of those!! Haha don’t you look so fashionable in that photo ^^ You should post pictures of your purchases!

  4. Lorik said:

    wow…i thought you were my sister for a second! she always wears a keffiyeh and has short hair…although it’s growing out…BUT STILL!!!
    Hope you are doing well Leanne~ Good luck with the studying~~

  5. Leanne said:

    I see you holding a Review bag! Did you get it form there? I agree, they’re fit is really suited to petite girls but woah, so pricey DX

    *sigh* I hope everything is going okay with you! So busy Miss Doctor-to-be :)

  6. daisy said:

    you look so nice & trendy, love that photo!

    i agree about the skirts thing, i only buy those skirts with an elastic waistband thing now, aren’t exactly business-casual, but at least they fit & i’d wear them xD

    80th & 90th birthday? whoa, that is quite amazing.. and the dishes sounds pretty mouthwatering indeed =3

  7. Ray said:

    i should go shopping as well spring is here in NYC ^_^

  8. emma said:

    great photo! so stylish!!

  9. hannie said:

    dude! you’re sooo kawaii !! you look super fashionable.

  10. tiff said:

    lol that’s such a great picture of you, you look like a celeb who’s getting her photograph taken by the razzi!!!

  11. Trish said:

    I usually have a hard time finding clothes because I have large hips (they’re not huge or anything, just wide). I always here my friends complaining because clothes are too small, but I’ve never heard of anyone not being able to find clothes small enough! Although, you are pretty small, but still! You make me jealous. XO You seem to be able to find stylish clothes, though.
    That’s kind of strange being invited that b-day party…I don’t think that would happen to me…ever, haha. It’s pretty cool, though. Especially that yummy food! :9 Btw, I usually eat a lot more when I’m just bored or stressed…are you bored or stressed? :D

  12. tart said:

    lea.. you look absolutely gorgeous/hawt/radiant/INdaapendant woooaaman!~

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