Thank gosh it’s Friday!

Hot chocolate & berry cheesecake on a stormy Friday afternoon

This ‘head and neck’ rotation has been so intense that I find myself struggling to get up every morning and be motivated throughout the day. Every week I’ve been on a different unit which has been awesome but unsettling because when I start to get comfortable, it’s time to change units. This week I was on the Endocrinology unit which was great because I was able to see all those endocrine disorders I hear in lectures, in real life.. it really hits you.  The endocrinologists are the nicest people and the consultant who gives us a Diabetes tute every week cracks us up everytime! :D

I guess what makes it full-on is that my knowledge of the brain is not so good and being able to understand all the different structures and symptoms and interpreting it all is turning my head in. We also have a zillion Neurology, Ophthalmology, Endocrine and all these other tutes which are interesting but there’s no time to go up to the wards and when there is, I lose the motivation because I want to collapse in a heap!

This week has been consumed by my EBCP assignment which has been driving me bonkers and I’m so glad it’s over now! With all the hustle and bustle, I’ve also been working on the new layout for the next VECTOR magazine edition, which I’m pretty excited about. The first layout I did for the Global Health Network magazine was very safe and conservative, and even though I got a lot of compliments of how professional it looked, I’m really wanting to make this next edition more a reflection of me. It’s been difficult because I haven’t had the time to orientate myself around Photoshop Indesign CS4, but I hope I come up with something I’ll be proud of at the end of the day. 

Fridays are dreadful, because I’m at the Alfred from 7:30am to 5:30pm. Sitting in a Neurology tute at 4 o’clock on a Friday afternoon, and all I can think about is dosing off on the coach with a mug of hot chocolate balanced delicately in my hands. Thus when the tute was over, I made part of my thoughts a reality by heading to the city and having hot chocolate with my friend, Hamon. It had been a rather odd day, a storm spontaneously hit Melbourne around noon and there was lightning and thunder and heavy downpour all day.. all I could think about was how appropriate hot chocolate was for this weather. We ordered two tummy-warming-creamy hot chocolates and a slice of berry cheesecake which was very berry-licious because it had the whole raspberry in the jelly which was marvellous!   

I simply can’t hold in my excitement for our week off starting next Friday!!! xD I have so many plans whizzing in my head and I truly hope I will achieve some them! 

Gah, I feel really worn out…

  1. winn said:

    we don’t really get storms here :/ I miss them…
    wow you’re really busy! I hope you get Easter off :P I love marshmallow eggs~~~

    I still can’t really believe people smell like fish o__o but I guess… it’s better than that gross rat smell… It stinks so much D: but sadly I seem to have gotten used to it so it’s not as gross as the first time =A=;;;

  2. daisy said:

    it must be hard to have to constantly change the environment just as you’re getting comfortable, but i guess you’ll get to experience a lot more things this way. & i’m really learning lots of medical terms from you xD

    layout for magazines? that sounds pretty cool! i wanna see your finished product =3

    it’s only friday morning here, it’s been sunny all week, and suddenly there’s a downpour today here as well.. but the hot chocolate and cheesecake looks & sounds so good!

  3. Anna said:

    Hehe the neck and shoulders are complicated, so i wouldn’t doubt that it’s hard.

    Friday mornings are the worst, but friday afternoon after school is the BEST!

    I love the photo!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thao said:

    Just one more week and then you can get some rest hopefully. I really can’t imagine what you’re going through but it sounds really hectic, having to rotate all the time. That’s just way too exhausting for anything.

    Hot chocolate sounds wonderful right now, even though it’s spring over here but it’s always really windy right now.

  5. Kimberley said:


    Medical science; In your first year, what was it like? I’m just a little unsure if i should select it as a course as it’s my last year in hs. completely baffled about it here. I’m not sure what to expect.

    On another note, just wanted to pop in and let you know that i might be a new frequent visitor here. Loving your style.

  6. Minna said:

    I totally understand what you mean with getting settled, I do that quickly and I find it extremely hard to change something I like, I don’t want to remove things, I just want to add them, and having to change into something new and different all the time can get to you.

    Endocrinology is where I fit in :D Yay! Did you see any hypo patients? When you talk endocrinology with something they always say “oh diabetes?” and I’m like….yeah….but not really :P It’s all people know! yet, I think I made the incredible smart comment about rheumatism being an endocrine disorder in our differential group, I was thinking autoimmune but it came out wrong. Embarrassing, but no one noticed so I’m not the only one stupid….

    Can we see this piece of art when it’s finished? I want to know how it will reflect you :-) If I can figure it out!

    We usually have Fridays off, but I think it’s typically physios to not overload and try to be healthy – which is stupid because doctors are also supposed to embrace health, but somehow I think doctors are some of the most stressed, unhealthy people – promise you won’t ever be like that! Or I’ll make you come to my clinic and we’ll have a workout ;-)

    Take care Leanne <3

  7. emma said:

    u’ll be a great doctor!

  8. Ellina said:

    Aww man. You know, I like coming to read your blog, especially your different adventures at the hospital. I find it really nice that you always carry this optimism going and I know you will get through it all =) It’s really exhausting but you’re strong so you can totally pull it through ^^ Though this break coming up would be a really awesome opportunity for you to chill, as my friend once said to me, “don’t dry your brain out, k?”

  9. daisy said:

    take a good rest, don’t think too much
    i hope you’ll feel a lot better soon! ♥

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