Hotpot settles an unsettling week

This week has been one of those unsettling weeks where I didn’t feel like I got into a routine. I felt left out of my life, as though it was running off without me and each time I caught up it would run away again. It just didn’t feel right and I hope next week I’ll be able to get back into my groove.

I guess it was because I fell very ill over the weekend and on Monday morning on my way to the Alfred I suddenly felt really nauseous, sweaty and couldn’t breathe so I headed straight to the GP. I had to stay home for 2 days taking antibiotics and suddenly my timetable was out of wack and I had missed out on several tutes and wardrounds. I was on the stroke unit this week and it was really difficult to fit in after missing the first day and then everything else seemed to be 2 steps ahead of me. But I’m much better now; still feeling weak but the nausea and headaches are gone, so I’m happy.

On exciting news, I saw an autopsy this week! The mortuary is a pretty eerie place; it’s like a giant sink slash butcher’s place with the stainless still sinks, scales and wet floors. I had to dress up in gumboots, surgical scrubs, masks and gloves. The technician opens up the body and removes the organs and places them on the table for the pathologist. While the pathologist is scanning through the organs and vessels to see if there is any pathology that could result in death, the technician stuffs the body with towels and whatnot to give back its shape. Anything the pathologist doesn’t want will be disposed of or placed back in the body. I was really surprised by the colour of the gallbladder. I always thought it would be a pale green but it’s a really leafy bright green! We dissected cadavers at uni but they’ve been stiff and pale because they’ve been preserved whereas this lady we autopsied passed away 24 hours ago, so everything was fresh and soft. Every few moments the pathologist would have to take out the hose to wash away the blood and let it drain down the sinks so he could see the organs clearer– that’s why the mortuary is so wet! It was really interesting and you definitely need to know your anatomy to become a pathologist but I don’t think I’m too fond of standing in a eerie silent room looking at organs while the body is lying behind me. Scary! When I walked in, the deceased lady was staring at me with her piercing blue eyes!!!  

On Friday, we had an ophthalmology clinical tute and had to dilate one of our pupils so we could use the ophthalmoscope on one another. It was hilarious! Everyone had one dilated pupil and one normal pupil and we all looked brain dead, hahaha~ Literally 0_o

I went out for dinner twice this week. On Thursday I had dinner with my family at Occasions restaurant at the William Angliss Institute and it was pretty good. $29 for a 3 course meal! The entree was my favourite- goat’s cheese fritters with salad! YUMMMMO~ The dessert was interesting- fried lychees (hmm it reminded me of jam doughnuts) and pistachio parfait, but I’m not a big fan of mixing fruits with oil.

Goats cheese fritters & salad

Pork belly, rice & salad

Fried lychee & pistachio parfait with chocolate shavings

Last night I caught up with my lovely Monash uni friends and we had hotpot! The place was really nice and we all got our own mini hotpot!     

my miniHOTPOT

the goodies to make our own hotpot

Afterwards we nibbled on cake and sipped on iced caffeinated drinks in a little cafe in some unknown alleyway. It was a good night; it relaxed me after an unsettling & exhausting week.

  1. winn said:

    Leanne Leanne~ did it smell when they cut up the body? it smells really bad when you open up a rat… :x but your classes sound fun!

  2. Joann said:

    Sorry to hear that you were sick but I hope you’ve been able to catch up with the mess of a schedule that you encountered for the few days. The idea of an autopsy has always kind of creeped me out! We had to watch one (just on video of course) in the 12th grade and it was quite horrifying to watch. The strangest of thoughts is to realize that we all have such body parts in us functioning just the same… *shudders*.

  3. Anna said:

    I’m glad you’re feeling okay again! It must be exhausting and intense being a med student, yet fun and thrilling! :D

    It doesn’t sound like an autopsy would be the best thing for you to be a part of right after a huge nausea. :P! But you obviously kicked the nausea in the butt and held out! :D!!

    Wow gallbladder actually a LEAF-GREEN color!! That’s weird!! :D Now I learned something new! :D Next time I end up in a conversation where everbody just keep waiting for someone to say something interesting and something nobody knows about, I can say: “The color of a gallbladder’s actually leaf-green! I learned from a blog friend of mine Leanne!” XD

    You’re so lucky to be able to eat at restaurants so many times a week :D!! And I love looking at your food pictures! They’re always so delicious-looking, bright and neat! I know how my father would’ve reacted if he got a served a dish with three small meatballs, two slices of pistachio-color looking bread and a dash of cream :P! Haha! Not exactly what most people have in mind when they’re hungry! I always connect fancy hotels and weddings with tiny meals like that :P

  4. daisy said:

    good to hear the sickness has gotten better, i’m sure you’ll catch up with everything and get back to your routine soon!

    autopsy sounds really scary to me, especially in that kind of an environment, dealing with a dead body.. must take quite a strong person to be able to handle that kind of stuff! but looking in another point of view, that is a pretty exciting experience i’m sure~

    the food looks so good! i’m not sure what a goat’s cheese fritter is, but looks pretty yummi! i love fried bananas, so fried lychees sound quite interesting as well xD

  5. Lorik said:

    im sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling too well~~ I was sick during my break ;___; but im done taking antibiotics, so I’m feeling a little better~ get well soon Leanne~ ^______^

    lollll my parents have so many autopsy stories…its really disgusting…but i think my dad tells his stories to make me disgusted hahaha~ i think its really interesting though! It’s amazing how some people are so comfortable working in places like that~ It’s pretty cool~~

    FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  6. Karen said:

    The autopsy must have been quite an experience! I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle that >.< But you must have learned a lot after seeing the process in person.

    Leanne, you always put pictures of delicious food on your blog! Haha, I guess I’ll have visit here after meals. Or else I’ll get hungry XD

  7. Tara said:

    Glad you’re feeling better. :D

    And while winter is coming there, summer’s coming here. Wanna swap? I’m not looking forward to the cold. X_X;;

    And jeebus, your food pictures are always wonderful. They always make me hungry!!!

  8. Hi there, just came across your blog ^^. I am a med student too, all the way across the other side of the world in UK. hehe. wow, I haven’t seen an autopsy yet though, think I would probably have passed out if I saw her staring at me!!!

  9. Minna said:

    Me too! Me too! I’m sorry, I just felt hit. I don’t know what happened to this week, I swear to God I will not remember it on Monday morning. Let’s have a better next one shall we?

    I’m so sorry you fell ill though. I wish I could give you some of my kick-ass immune system. Although, working in a hospital, I guess it’s bound to happen sooner or later right?

    You’re in the stroke unit, is it other neurological conditions too then or just strokes? If you learn anything about rehabilitation after cerebral hemorrhage will you tell me about it then? :-)

    Argh you got to do an autopsy, I’m SO JEALOUS! I know that sounds so wrong in so many ways, but I know you udnerstand where I’m coming from here, erm ;-)

    Oh I would have loved to see your non-bilateral dilated pupils!! We do some pretty dumb stuff aswell in our training and it’s always hilarious :D

  10. Leann said:

    I know exactly what you mean about being out of routine and off of your groove. This past week has just been so messed up for me with sleeping so late and not eating well. It’s just all messed up and has left me so tired! But I am happy that you are feeling better and hope that you feel stronger soon too!! The food looks like it was tasty, I love pistacho, and am jealous because I haven’t had that in so long! :) I hope that the coming week is back to normal for you :D

  11. nia said:

    omigod YUM is all i can say…….
    that all looks so incredibly delicious !

    and oh *cringe***** dead body? deceased piercing blue eyes ?! you should have taken a picture of THAT ! ahhhhh just kidding i would have cried :(
    you are so brave!! and hilarious…with a dead woman in front of you i love how you marvel at the color of her GALLBLADDER :P i’d have been so spooked!

  12. Thao said:

    Glad to hear that you are feel better. I’m sure eating all of those yummy food sure is keeping you energetic.

    Just being surprised by a body bag is scary enough for me. I was restocking the emergency cart next to the patient’s bed and I didn’t notice that there was a body bag (with a body inside) on the bed until I looked up. The white bag blended in with the bed sheets. It gave me quite a shook to realize how close I was standing next to a freshly dead body….It’s amazing how you got through the autopsy. I would have nightmares for weeks. x__X

  13. gilda said:

    why do you always show pictures of food man! everytime i come here i’m like, oh man, food! i’m hungry!! AND ANYWAY, how can you talk about food when your exciting news is an autopsy and bright green gallbladder!! *vomit* haha. j/k. you have guts. i would faint and die of a heart attack. then i’ll donate my gallbladder to you.

    ps: i do quite like the short hair! i must have missed those pictures the last time i clicked through my reader!

  14. Nanako said:

    I’m really envious about eating food from a hotpot. It all looks spicy, and i’ve never been to one but I know my hotpot would be a red volcanic concoction.

    ~.~ I came down with some kind of bug too. Lets both hope for better health~

    Ps- Remind me to never accidentally walk into a mortuary room o_o;

  15. HANNIE said:

    omgsh, i would LOVE to see an autopsy in real life…it just sounds so interesting! and scary/gross at the same time.

    fried lychees sound so good! ive never had them fried, only fresh hahah.

    and i feel like i’m left out of my life too sometimes. we all have those moments. hang in there!

  16. Janet said:

    Yum, all that food looks sooo good, haha

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