Things I Love

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday and I am so damn tired. My brain feels like it is stuffed with cotton balls and my eyes are droopy and my head is heading closer and closer to the table. This week I started my Head and Neck rotation and it has been intense! I was attached to the Ophthalmology and ENT unit for the week but on top of that I also attended Endocrinology tutes and Neurology tutes which ironically blow my mind. The timetable for this rotation is jammed packed with tutes and I’m arriving home past 6.

I think I’ll go for a nap after this post; my head and body don’t  seem very interested in doing an assignment or preparing for a gazillion presentations right now.

This week’s lovelies:

Ophthalmologists: I have yet to meet a mean ophthalmologist! They are the nicest people in the world! When I was in the outpatient clinic, they would always call me if there was something interesting to see. During the audit they told me and my rotation partner to sit at the table with them to share the free cakes, danishes and orange juice (which was a pleasant surprise for us because on the Gen Med rotation, only doctors were allowed to sit at the table during meetings). I also got to see 2 cataract surgeries and the surgeon (opthalmologist) drew me a picture showing what he was doing and he was too cute because he operated in his socks. Teehee~  It’s a pity I only get to spend a week with them; a week is too short! D:

Scrubs season 8: Finally I have it in a hot little folder on my laptop! YAYAYAY! I have watched 4 episodes so far and they have been awesome but sad.

Walking up 5 levels  of stairs: It doesn’t sound too lovely but it’s been great since I have stopped exercising since uni started. The girls in my group have made a little pact that we would use the stairs instead of the lift at least once a day. I remember in the beginning I would be sooo puffed out and would be whining to Jess and Siobhan for making me walk! (Note 5, levels is our limit!– anymore more and it’s the lifts!) But now the puffing has reduced and it’s also strengthening me calves and quads ya’ll! Haha~

Other lovelies: kind and patient consultants; eccentric neurologists; Dave & Henry offering to give my friend & I a lift when they saw us at the tram stop- those boys are so nice!; Tiny Teddies!!!!; an intern calling me “cute”; Anton (ophthalmologist) being cheeky and being able to predict the level of my shortsightedness just by looking at me and then showing me how he did it; meeting a nice ENT resident who offered me his pager no. and telling me to “page him anytime!”; getting to know the people in my rotation group; using a slit lamp and seeing someone’s eye up-close– which was amazingly gross because the iris looks like seaweed! :D;  getting my hair trimmed- I look like a pixie now! :p; stripping off my clinical clothes and changing into my Mooks tee & short shorts; finally getting on top of my budget annnnddddd nap time!       

  1. rikuka said:

    cute picture :)
    & i love scrubs! i wish i would have kept up with it, but i didn’t so whenever i watch it i’m pretty confused.

  2. Anna said:

    Haha!! I love the photo of the cookiebears!!!! :D So cute!!

    I love reading about your life as a “intern” at the hospital!! So keep updating us on that front :D! ♥

    So many people love Scrubs! I have watched a couple of episodes here and there, but never really given it much more thought than that. Maybe I should buy a DVD set and watch from the beginning. So maybe people are recommending Scrubs :D

    In my physics building we have 4 levels of stairs. I used to take the elevator a lot before, but now I’m walking all the time, and it feels great! Haha. :P How many floors are there at the Albert Hospital?

    Pixie cut! You have to take a picture! :D And yes, you ARE cute! ♥

    – Anna

  3. Thao said:

    Hehe cute picture!

    Your hospital experience sounds lovely, although I’m sure they’re also working you to death. At least people are nice, which makes everything better. =]

  4. Anna said:

    Thanks for the lovely comment =]

    I actually don’t play any instruments :p I own a guitar and play the guitar occasionally, but rather than that, I don’t play anything :) That’s why I was amazed by all the artists in the orchestra.

    I lent Scrubs season 1, 2, 3 and 4 from a friend today! Marathon! :D

    Ah, I remembered reading that you weren’t an intern, but because I was too lazy to find out what “title” you had now, I simply wrote intern in quotes haha :P

  5. Ellina said:

    Aww, sounds like you’ve been having a long exhausting and yet exciting days at the hospital ^^ It’s really awesome that you’re really liking =) Whoo, I’m hoping to hear more about your hospital experiences and encounters :D

  6. Karen said:

    While ophthalmologists are nice, they really know how to get your money. Last august, my eye doctor told me that my eye pressure is high so I’ll need to set up another appointment. When I went to the hospital in October, she said my eyes were fine. During the first visit, I knew the reason why my eye pressure was high (b/c I use the computer too much). But she still insisted on setting up another appointment. In the end, I was charged $85 for this second visit (and I saw her for 1 minute). It seems like she’s making up an excuse to get more money >.<

    Anyways, I’m glad the doctors that you work with are great mentors. I’m sure you are learning and experiencing many exciting things everyday :)

  7. Minna said:

    I have no idea what an ophthalmologist does, but it sounds interesting!! Tell me more :D

    Scrubs – isn’t it the greatest? BUT. It has everything – doctors, surgeons, pshyc, orthos etc – but no physios :( Wouldn’t that be fun though? Someone who is overly-cheerful and active :D

    Walking up 5 levels of stairs: This sounds like us. When you’re on practice, and the lift doesn’t show, someone will say “Oh, but we’re physios, so we should take the stairs’. And so you have to.

    :D :D :D

  8. Ine said:

    What are those bear-crackers called again? I used to eat them when I lived in the US – I love them!!

  9. Leann said:

    Sounds like you have had an interesting week! =) Its great that you and your friends have made a pact to take the stairs, its so nice when you can set little goals with friends! And those teddies look so AMAZING and CUTE! Love the photo!

  10. daisy said:

    what an adorable photo you have up there!
    funny how you put it, i never imagined iris to look like seaweeds up close, sounds kinda cool actually xD
    keep up with the exercising! i don’t know how many times i vowed to myself to keep it up but i never could do it, hope you’ll be much more successful than i am at it =3

  11. Becca said:

    ah, walking instead of taking the lift sounds like a good idea… but the only set of stairs i would encounter is the 16 levels of stairs to my boyfriend’s apartment… and that is not fun D:

  12. Nanako said:

    What cute little teddies!

    When the opthalmologist operated on the socks, did they bleed sock blood D:< ?

    Instead of giving you his number the ENT resident gave you his pager no.? Thats just too cute!

    I agree Anna, I want to see a picture with your pixie cut! ^.^

  13. emma said:

    you always have the best photos!

  14. Joann said:

    Oh they are so incredibly cuuuute! Graham teddies just remind me of childhood xD Cool to see you an affiliate of my sisters… and that you’re in medical school. I’m still so unsure about what I want to do… =(

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