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It seems like these are the only posts I can do since weekends are my only opportunity to blog. A good way to recap on an exhaustive week– remind myself of the loveliness it was filled with. This week has had its somber moments but I would prefer to sit back and reminisce about the good stuff before falling into my bed :)

Kate: She’s one of the interns on PGMUB, the unit/team I’ve been a part of for the past 5 weeks on my General Medicine rotation. She’s just amazing, awesome and everything ace~ She’s given up her time to take me to see patients to teach me and she has sat beside me and instructed me as I put in a cannula (IV) or do a venepuncture. She’s just been the best! I seriously can’t thank her enough and was pretty sad that it was my last day on my General Med rotation today :(  She’s so supportive and optimistic and simply a great person to talk to~

Sitting along the river: It has been a long time since I’ve sat along the banks of the Yarra River. There was a time where I avoided the place, because it brought back painful memories, and since then never really ventured near the place. Tonight I went out to dinner with friends and afterwards we sat beside the river enjoying each other’s company. I love sitting along the Yarra River at night because it’s beautiful, magical and romantic. I took off my shoes and laid back on the stone bench and stared up into the fairylights which twinkled in the tree branches over me. Not far away a live band was playing Jason Mraz, Oasis and Kings of Leon and I got lost in my own thoughts.

Putting in my first cannula: ‘Firsts’ should always be mentioned in a blog or diary :p A cannula is the thing you attach the IV drip into so that you can give the patient their fluids or medications (such as morphine and antibiotics) and it’s also where you can extract blood. I put my first one in the other day! Was so proud of myself! Failed on the first attempt but succeeded on the second! :D There was blood everywhere and I made a bit of a mess, but the important thing is I got it in~ :D

Other lovelies: giving the PGMUB team cupcakes to say thank-you (I love giving gifts which I love); leaving notes; email exchanges; Kelly Clarkson’s new album; fairy lights; counting down the days to Jason Mraz’s concert!; receiving packages; Good News Week- funniest show ever!; seeing Hamish & Andy (radio hosts) and their girlfriends (esp, Andy’s girlfriend, Megan Gale!) at Crown– they just walked passed us–Megan Gale is much more beautiful in person than photos~; Spudbar– a place near the Alfred which makes all these wacky salads with potatoes; lunch breaks; patients remembering my name; feeling very happy & proud of my friend who is working very hard to change his way of life and sleeeeeep.

  1. Anna said:

    I love nice people. Especially when I’m feeling like the whole world’s against me, and this one person comes up from nowhere and makes me feel like the happiest person :D

    “Cannula” is a weird name for that :D I didn’t know what it was before you described it :P Haha. It must be awesome to take care of others. Must feel so mature when working as a doctor. I ADMIRE YOU! x3

  2. Thao said:

    Hehe, I remember I used to watch the nurse put the cannula in the patients in high school. That’s so cool that you got to do it! Congrats on succeeding!

  3. Minna said:

    Oh I love when you find people like that, who inspire you and live up to your expectation – honestly how often does that happen? Not to me, it doesn’t.

    I wonder why the river brought back bad memories to you. There’s a beach that brings back bad memories to me, but I hope it’s not for the same reason as it is for you.

    Oh yay for getting it in! I know it’s something doctors usually suck at :P Was the patient awake to see all the blood? :P

    I love giving gifts too, it’s so rewarding in a straaaange way!

    I can’t wait to see a patient remember my name! I know they have remembered me, but not my name. Must be a little exciting :-)

  4. Yay! Your photos are always so great :D

  5. Nanako said:

    I get so squeemish when it comes down to blood and or things that are red @__@ when you say it took two attempts, do you mean two attempts on the patient ? x.X I’d be so nervous I’d probably take 40 attempts…

  6. Jamie said:

    I was just in the emergency not two nights ago and they stuck the iv needle in my left arm. I was there because I was having seizure attacks. So it must’ve been heavenly to do your first iv run? I know you don’t know me but I have to say this but I’m proud of you for doing your first IV thingy. Good luck to you and all that you do in the future.

  7. Tara said:

    Hee! I learned a new thing from this entry. Now I know what a cannula is. :D I keep seeing that word as “cannoli” though. XD

  8. daisy said:

    lying down beside a river at night with your friends sounds so cozy and peaceful.. i don’t really go out and just simply enjoy the nature much, but you make me kinda wanna give it a try

  9. rikuka said:

    sitting along the river sounds so peaceful :)

  10. emma said:

    i really wanna see jason mraz in concerttt
    lucky you!!

  11. Jenii said:

    Another lovely list! Your blog seems so dreamy, I love it! Something about certain places seem so magical. Grass, water, music :D

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