Things I Love

Had dinner on Saturday night at Hwaro Korean BBQ restaurant for Will’s Birthday. The food was great, atmosphere was electric and we had a couple of shots of soju with the Birthday boy.  It was really nice to see him all grown up; when I think of William I think of house parties and getting totally smashed, so this was a nice change. But then we did head off to an apartment afterwards and played 4 Kings ^^;; .. well at least it wasn’t a house party :p

I haven’t done “Things I Love” for a fortnight and since I have a day off on this sunny Monday (YAY!), I may as well use this time to reflect on the week that has passed :)

Last week’s lovelies helpful & enthusiastic interns; willing-to-teach final year Med students; celebrating a long week with Japanese food; having a productive week; receiving random text messages about bananas; long emails; being offered lifts;  Naruto Shippuuden opening theme song; Alex complimenting my hair saying it looks even better than before & that it looks like Rihanna’s :D ; meeting new people; Korean BBQ;  shopping with a boy who seems to be more girly than I; VECTOR editor shouting me a chocolate frappacino; eggs!- you can boil, fry & scramble ’em! ; getting a call and telling me that I’ll be staying in Italy for 2 more days!; sleeping in; being one of the boys; lookbook browsing;  hot chips smothered in gravy- delicious! ; being willing to make mistakes & improve; collecting blood for real, for the 1st time; fashionable boys; dreaming;  getting creative; pastizzis- especially ones willed with ricotta! and being surrounded by the people I’ve known since I was 12.

  1. Anna said:

    You have such gorgeous eyes and hair! <3 I knew I had seen that haircut from somewhere! Last year I wanted to cut it like this certain photo of Rihanna that I had seen too. But I didn’t have the guts. Each time I cut my hair (which has been like 4 times in the last 3 months) it gets shorter and shorter, but never as short as I want it.

    It nice to see people grow up. In junior high and senior high there were soooooo many naive and childish boys. Wonder how they will be the next time I meet them :P

    Love all the lovelies you love XD

  2. Thao said:

    I still think you’re amazing for getting such a short haircut and it looks fantastic on you. I would wimp out completely at the last minute.

  3. emma said:

    it sounds like ur life is amazing so far

  4. daisy said:

    hot chips with gravy sounds soooo good!
    you look lovely in that photo, everything seems to be going well for you, hope it’ll continue to be like that =)

  5. Katy said:

    I love eggs too!! An omelette with cheese and mushroom is the best.

    “hot chips smothered in gravy- delicious!” — add some cheese to make a poutine. =P YUM.

  6. Jenii said:

    Such a DOLL! The haircut really just gets better as it grows… :D But then it gets weird and almost mullet-y so a trim to keep the shape every now and then is lovely.

    HAHAHA I JUST had eggs as I was coming to this post XD AMAZING EGGS! Eggs are…so very essential to me. Have you ever heard of “poutine”? *I think I’m spelling that right. It’s Canadian chips/friends with gravy + CHEESE! Instant heart attack! But so wickedly delicious!

  7. rikuka said:

    lol at least 75% of that was related to food ;p made me so hungry!!

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