Burst of motivation!


I’m walking away from this week feeling very satisfied and proud of myself :) After last week’s “blerhness” I was determined to make this week the opposite. I wanted my hour/day/week to be productive and to feel satisfied at the end and strived for that feeling. Instead of skipping the (DMU) Disease Management Unit outpatient clinic and heading home on Monday; I skipped it and went up to the wards to take patient histories. I decided that staying back at the hospital and practicising history taking and physical examinations was a better use of time than heading home and procrastinating in front of the TV or laptop which happens every night. Once I made an effort to fulfil my “feeling,” everything seemed to fall into place.

The interns on my team are wonderful and lovely and I’m constantly surprised how helpful everyone is. Many people are so willing to give up their time to teach us 3rd year Medical students and make sure we are on our way to being super doctors, haha~ I also collected blood (for the first time from a patient) for a blood culture this week, which was pretty cool :p There’s a fifth year Medical student, Jono who loves teaching and is always drilling us and offering to watch us do an examination. It’s pretty funny because my friend Sheetal will come running to me “Ahhh Jono has asked me name two types of of calcium channel blockers and to give four names!!!” and then we’ll run off to the computers and do a quick search and she’ll report back to him and pretend that we knew it all along. :p


Celebrated the long/motivated week on Friday with a touch of window shopping & late lunch with Hamon at Kenpai restaurant on Chapel Street. It was alright, but it tasted more Chinese than Japanese.

Was hoping for a quiet weekend this week because I’ve been having too much fun these past few weekends, finding myself coming home at 3 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday mornings and starting the week dreary-eyed; but I have a coffee meeting with the editor of VECTOR to brainstorm name and layout design for our next issue and a friend’s Birthday party tonight in the city. Ah well, it’s a long weekend, may as well enjoy it :D   

  1. Ine said:

    Hey!! Thanks for the comments! And again with the beautiful food-pics :P Glad to hear you’ve had a good week!

  2. daisy said:

    i know what you mean by that feeling of satisfaction, but i haven’t been getting that lately cause i’m just not being productive at all D: learning a few things from you, i’ll try to start the next week right =)

    i’m amazed how the doctors can always find my blood vessels correctly when doing blood tests, i can’t see them at all! it’s pretty cool that you’re starting to do it as well =)

    enjoy your weekend, it sounds pretty exciting already xD

  3. Thao said:

    That sounds like a very productive and satisfying week alright! Very exciting too! Glad to hear that everyone is helpful and friendly to you.

  4. Anna said:

    Weekends are always the best ♥ I didn’t used to think anything special about weekends before. But now that I’m more grown up and got lots of more responsibility, I find the weekends so relaxing now. It’s like another world than the world I live in in weekdays.

    I’m happy that you’re satisfied and proud of what you did this week!! You’re such a good person :D

    Seems like your weekend’s pretty full as well :D What’s Vector? A magazine you’re a part of? :O

    Have a great weekend Leanne~♥

  5. Lianne said:

    hey ! i stumbled upon your blog through someone’s blogroll [i forgot who exactly it was] but yea .. i love you blog!

    ooohhh food pictures ! i’m such a sucker for ’em! and i hope your weekend turns up for you 1 :D:D

    and i wish to know more about you too and maybe become online buddies .. can we exchange links ?

  6. Tara said:

    I’m glad your co-workers and all are helpful. My workplace . . . let’s just say it’s not nice like yours at the moment, haha. :D But it’s all good.

    And mmm. You always post up great food pictures! (makes me hungry).

  7. Karen said:

    I love the feeling of being productive and getting things done. But this doesn’t happen very often because I usually just procrastinate until the very last minute.

    Your experience at the hospital seems so intense! But it’s great practice for your future career.

    And of course, food rewards are the best XD

  8. Sasha said:

    ooh, delicious food :D

    It must be so cool to collect blood for the first time. It’s a pretty big step!

  9. Jenii said:

    YAY! Sounds like fun! You seem to be having LOADS of it XD

    OMG…have you eaten at every place yet? REVIEWS!! You’ll have to take me everywhere…and eat with me…because that’s usually the first thing I think of when going somewhere XD Ahh tempura….

    TIS TRUE! So many “Japanese” places are entirely CHINESE?! OH AUTHENTICITY!

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