la Saint-Valentin

I’ve always been a glum one on Valentine’s Day, but this year I was adamant to celebrate the day by filling it up with as much love as possible ♥

For my delight and excitement for the past few weeks, the first Audrey Kawasaki show in Australia was on this day, so I invited my friends Kelly and Gina to come along and view the work of one of my favourite artists. Her works look amazing on the computer screen but seeing them in person is sublime! I could stand there all day staring at the pencil lines, the wood grains and into the eyes of Audrey’s girls. They are so beautiful. I can’t wait for the bigger show next year!

Before visiting the show, we had lunch at The Quarter and I had the Mediterranean pizza, which was pretty good- but I got sick of it after a few slices because there was no meat.


We dropped by Little Cupcakes (as you can tell by now, I absolutely love this place!) and all their cupcakes were Valentine-themed! We stood there for ages deciding which cupcakes to purchase. Haha~

At night, I went out to dinner with my family at Tao’s Restaurant. It was a bit weird because the place was filled with couples and I felt really left out, but the food was really nice! There was a set Valentine’s Day menu and every dish was aesthetically pleasing and perfectly cooked…hence lots of food photos! Beware! :9

Mouseover for commentary :)

  1. Anna said:

    Happy Valentines to you~!

    Wow! I’m amazed at Kawasaki’s arts! They’re so beautiful and has calming feeling to them. And such warm colors <3

    Haha! I didn’t even use to be a glum one. We Norwegian doesn’t make such a big fuss out of Valentines Day (or at least that’s my impression). Not even couples. So I sort of wouldn’t even notice that it was Valentines Day one day =P

    Amazing food! Very creative and aesthetic dishes <3 Haha! Looks delicious as well.

    Oh, and about the music! I was on new music hunt, and I read that your two favorites were Radin and Yamagata, so I downloaded some music of theirs :D Their music is pretty good!

  2. Anna said:

    Oh god! Haha! I noticed that I when I click on my name under my first comment entry (my old blogspot address), I get to some sort of weird site that’s not even my blog! But the address is right, and I can still enter my from my blogspot. But when I enter from here I get some weird site?? :p Haha! So weird.

    Oh and one more thing. I don’t think Mac users can see your mouseover comments on your photos :)


  3. Mhaye said:

    love those cupcakes and some foods there. iih. yummy. so mouth watering. haha.
    btw, i have a valentine gift for you. just grab it from my blog. ;)

  4. Minna said:

    Oh I never heard of that artist but they DO look really lovely, I especially love the colours. They blend very good together, even though they do look sketchy indeed.

    I would absolutely hate that pizza but it looks so fresh, extremely fresh. I think a pizza her would look….rather disgusting actually in compare… :D

    I can’t say I “celebrated” valentines. I got chocolates, which I don’t like but ate anyways because I was studying hard. Maybe we should all take after you a little and see you as our inspiration? ;-)

    My mouseovers didn’t work but the food DOES look delicious :D

  5. Ellie said:

    k um brb dying from all the food pr0nz >_<
    *steals a cupcake*

  6. Anna said:

    Ahh.. I see! But that’s just weird XD I can type in whatever “” and I will enter that site :P Haha. But thank you! I thought I was getting hacked or something :P

  7. Ine said:

    Oooh… it all looks so good! And the cupcakes .. yummie!!

  8. tiff said:

    Those are cupcakes are so cute that I don’t really want to eat them! And the other dishes looks very exotic and expensive :) Mmm…

  9. Leanne said:

    Wow, so lucky!! They let you take pictures as well :D :D Aww, I hope it comes to Sydney but it probably won’t… maybe I’ll head down there next year for the big one! I can’t see the commentary but it’s okay, pictures can convey your words. It looks so good :D~

  10. Thao said:

    H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E ‘ S D A Y !

    It sounds like your day was filled with lots of good food, great art, lots of fun and tons of love.

    My goodness, the food from Tao’s look absolutely delicious. I can’t see the commentary either and I’m using a PC right now. That’s alright. The pictures itself is powerful enough to make me hungry.

  11. daisy said:

    sounds like you had fun on valentines xD
    i can’t eat pizza without meat, no matter how pretty it is ;_;
    your dinner looks fabulous! the second photo (salad?) & that little pot of rice looks sooo delicious *O*
    happy belated vday!! =D

  12. Jen said:

    Audrey Kawasaki is so crazy talented. Perfect for Valentine’s with her whimsical doldrum colors.

    The food looks phenomenal as well!

  13. May said:

    Wow ~ Audrey Kawasaki’s work is so amazing !

    I hope you will have the time, when you finish medicine, to draw again and maybe you will have a second job ? ^^
    I’d love to have two jobs :)

    Ohh the cupcakes are so cute !

  14. Gel said:

    OMGGG WHY MUST YOU POST TONS OF FOOD PICTURES! Thanks for making me hungry, yet again :p Your food pictures are always nice to look at. Good to see that you were able to visit the show of one of your favorite artists!

    Those cupcakes look yummy! Now i’m craving for some! ….yet again.

  15. Rachelle said:

    Ah all that food looks amazing @_@ I’m not much for fancy restaurants or anything, but man that looks amazing!

    I was reading about the show on Kawasaki’s LJ, the first painting you posted was one she was showing the steps to. Very nice work, I hope she comes to NY soon.

  16. Nanako said:

    WAH I want to see her art out of a computer screen T_T
    What a yummy Valentines days :D

  17. Tara said:

    Damn girl, looks like you had a blast! All those pictures look really fantastic. XD Makes me wish I had gone and treated myself something special — if I weren’t feeling like crap that is.

  18. Jenii said:

    HEPPI (belated) Valentine’s Day! WAAAA! Take me eating with youuuuu! Such lovely things that look so delicious ;A;/

    Audrey Kawasaki’s girls remind me of the Great Gatsby for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on why but they do. Something “wanton” about them…kind of like Daisy…especially the colors??

  19. emma said:

    happy belated vday! but omg the food, stop tempting me with pictures!! i had a good dinner tonight so i guess i’ll let it pass

    and you’re so lucky!
    audrey kawasaki is so amazing!

  20. Riku said:

    Audrey Kawasaki! I absolutely love her art. :)

  21. Ellina said:

    Glad you had a good Valentine’s day ^^

    Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious. ;D I haven’t had one for like ages eventhough they have some at my workplace. But gosh, I want some now lol.

    Cute artworks. Whenever I see an piece of art like that, I often love to stare at how the colors and everything blend into make the beautiful piece of art work. It’s really fascinating to look at ^^

    The food looks yummy too ;3

  22. Fia said:

    A late happy valentines to you. =) I’ve never been to an art exhibit but I’ve always wanted to attend one. Sadly though, there aren’t a lot here so sucks for me. It must be exciting. I adore art simply because I am lacking in that aspect (artistic). lol xD

  23. gilda said:

    hey! omg audrey! i’m madly jealous!

    glad to see things are looking good for you! you moved your blog right? well things look different at least. nice!

  24. Dakota said:

    I’m an Audrey fan too! I really, really, love her art! It’s so, inspiring. Haven’t heard from you in so long ya!? How are you!?

  25. My Linh said:

    I wish we had a place like Little Cupcakes here.

    This year I had no Valentine’s Day. Well, I decided that we don’t need a day like that (or we?)… but I’m glad you had a nice Valentine’s Day. :)

  26. Winn said:

    I’m so jealous of your Melbourne food ;__; it’s so much nicer than our food…
    your photos are so beautiful *__*

  27. What lovely photos!

    Kawasaki is so wonderful; she had a great interview in Juxtapoz last year and she was saying that she paints these seductive girls because she feels she doesn’t possess that kind of self confidence. (whyyy!?!?! haha)

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