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Fill yourself with love ♥

This week has been mentally draining and physically exhausting but simply amazing. I thought the first week of orientation was intense, but this week- the first official week was at a level which was off the charts! My first rotation is on the General Medicine ward and I’ve been at the hospital from 8am to 4/5/6pm everyday, except for Friday where I start with a 7am lecture. I wish I could blog more so I could document my medical student experiences but I have so much work to do! I can’t believe it’s only been a week; it feels like I’ve been at the Alfred for 6 months! It’s ridiculously overwhelming and tiring, but very very very rewarding.

After a long week, here’s my list!

PGMUB: I’ve been assigned to the  PGMUB team on the ward and they have been amazingly helpful. In the team there is a consultant, two interns, a registrar, a final year Med student, me and another 3rd year med student. My consultant is also my CBL tutor and she is an encyclopedia of knowledge! She knows my curriculum inside out and every patient loves her. The interns especially have been extremely kind, answering questions, teaching and showing us how to do examinations properly and give us tips on what to read up on after rounds. 

Lovely patients: Generally the patients I’ve met so far have been so nice to have a chat with me and let me do obs and physical examinations on them. On Tuesday I did a cardiovascular history and examination on a ninety-five year old lady and she was delightful. When me and the other 3rd year finished she said “I only have one criticism, you were too gentle! You need to be stronger!” Haha~ I hope I reach ninety-five and be as happy and vibrant as she is. A lady I saw today had some respiratory problems and she kept giggling every time us med students wanted to listen to her heart. She had a wonderful laugh- it made me want to laugh too.

Scrubs moment: My group was running late for our first day on the Gen Med ward, so we decided to take the lift. When the lift opened it revealed a bunch of fellow 3rd years. I found it amusing- it was our official first day on the ward, and there was a bunch of us squished up in the lift, feeling slightly nervous. Then someone behind me asks for a pen and someone passes a pen back. Then someone asks for the time and one of us yells back. I found it amusing- you had to be there I guess. Hehe~

Making new friends: I only knew one person who was placed at the Alfred, but for the past 2 weeks have met and befriended wonderful people and I know I’ll be meeting many more this year!

Other lovely things: Australia’s generosity for the victims of the bushfires; my new Moleskine diary; sleep; catch up car rides; free lunches; making love packages; walking alone; kind eyes; guitar players; inspiring someone to colour their hair back to black; heart-shaped things; hello hugs; people offering to help you; people appreciating you; seeing that the final med students are still ‘boys’; a surprise Valentine’s gift from my little sister; diagnosing my first heart murmur; writing in my first patient file & signing it off and Fridays!        

  1. Tara said:

    That’s a cute picture of you. :) . . . (That is you, right? I haven’t seen enough pictures of you to determine it by looking at the side profile). X__X;; Sorry.

  2. Ine said:

    What’s up with everyone doing a “things I love”-post these days? :P I love the polaroid, so cute! is it you? So what are you studying? I’m not familiar with the term PGMUB, but I assume it’s got something to do with medicine?

  3. Melle said:

    so you’ve made a new friend? haha I’m kinda scared being on a ward with patients,, i dunno why.. thats the reason why i didnt choose med as my course

    ps: if ever you’ll drop by my blog, the password of my post is: whatcanmelsay

  4. Tiff said:

    Maybe you’ll start having ‘House’ moments, where inevitably every medical confrontation turns into an emotional romantic confrontation.

    Glad you’re having a good time though, and I love your hair. I’d steal it if I could steal hair.

  5. Thao said:

    Aww I’m so glad you’re having a great time there. Good luck and have fun!

  6. Anna said:

    Haha @ “Inspiring someone to colour their hair back to black!” XD

    I wouldn’t doubt that your schedule was so full. And I know how exhausting it is to get to school (or well not school for you now, but hospital) at 7-8am and get home around 5-6pm everyday. Tiring. I couldn’t make time to blog either when I was in that period. Haha. :p

    But I’m happy to read that you’re having a great time there and that you’re leaning new things and making new friends~! ♥ Maybe you’ll see your McDreamy passing by you there like in Grey’s Anatomy XD Haha ♥

    Yeah and I read about the bushfires in Australia at the moment. Too scary. And it’s so hot there right now. =/ Goodness, makes me wonder if I regret applying for Australia as an exchange student XD Haha, but seriously NOT AT ALL. I hope I get accepted =D

    Heart-shaped things are so cute! I LOVE heart-shaped things! But sometimes I feel like a 10 years old girl screaming whenever I see something cute and heart-shaped.. So I’ve tried to slowly moderate that addiction of mine XD But for no use XD Haha.

  7. Gel said:

    I love how positive your blog entries always are. I like the first picture, literally filling yourself with love. Nice :) That 95 year old lady’s cute! I’ve never met anyone that old who’s quite witty as well! They’re usually grumpy at that age :s

  8. daisy said:

    it’s good to have things that keep you busy, makes you feel like you’re being productive xD
    it seems like you’re meeting lots of nice people & having a great time and experience at the hospital =3

    & you look so cute in that photo!

  9. Jenii said:

    WOAH, that is really intense! It must be so FULL! So many things in a day, so many experiences :D Sounds like you’ve been having a great time taking it all in :D And the photo just tops the cake XD LOVELY!

  10. My Linh said:

    Oh, I love that photo of you! It’s really cute!
    Wow, you have to study hard but that makes good doctors.

    I wish I could make new friends as easy as you. :)

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