Dr Sketchy with Miss Jay & RollerGirl

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to Dr Sketchy and it was simply a delight to get back into it last Saturday. I invited my friend Kelly to come along because it’s always exciting to show someone else a world you love to surround yourself with. We met up early to sip ice chocolate and mochas and eat little pretty red velvet cupcakes at Little Cupcakes. I simply adore this place- everything about it is darling~

Little Cupcakes

We took the tram down to the Butterfly Club and while we waited, we explored the place. I’ve always been downstairs but never upstairs. The club is like a little dollhouse with walls filled with vintage posters, paintings and photos of beautiful women wearing Venetian masks and cat’s ears. Porcelain dolls and Tahitian hoolah girls line shelves and chandeliers drapped in jewels and flowers and street lamps cast an eerie yellow light over the room. The barmen are dressed in top hats and backless vests finished with a bow tie, which could only bring a smile to a face.

Miss Jay Miss Jay

Miss Jay modelled in the first hour and gave us a little wacky dance to a song with the lyrics “she’s just a girl, just a girl… a girl you want!” I thought she had a very pretty face and beautiful cheekbones- if only I could sketch faces faster. Without her tangled wig, checkered dress and sexy stockings, she was simply gorgeous and her eyes have a sense of mystery to them. It’s funny how crazy and alluring most of the models are when they are performing but when they are out of their costumes they are very reserved and sweet. Except for Miss Peachy Keen who was chatty and chirpy in and out of burlesque outfits- haha.

Miss Jay RollerGirl as a mermaid

Our second model was the lovely Miss Sugar Lee aka RollerGirl. I’ve sketched her before as the golden girl but in this session she was a mermaid. Adorned in a homemade lycra tail and glitter sparkling all over her body, RollerGirl splashed and dived in her cardboard waves. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos of this hour.

RollerGirl as a 1960s beach babe

  1. daisy said:

    i’d love to hang out with you for a day
    seemed like so much fun & excitement! x3
    the model looks pretty even in the photo
    & i like your sketches =D

  2. Anna said:

    Hello! Thanks for the comment in my blog!

    I just read a couple of your entries and they’re really interesting! So I think I’m going to link you from my blog alright? And the fact that you’re a med student makes your blog even more interesting! I’ve always wanted to become a doctor ever since I was in junior high. But my grades didn’t make it into medical studies, so I ended up on physics. =P

    Keep on blogging! Will keep reading <3

  3. Anna said:

    And btw! I really love your hair!! You inspire me to color it black as well, so I think that’s what I’m gonna do!! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but now after seeing your beautiful beautiful hair, I want black hair as well :D! And you’re so pretty *_*


  4. Ine said:

    What a supercute blog you’ve got!

  5. May said:

    Oh the cupcakes are so cuute <3
    Your sketches are good :)
    Do you often draw ?

  6. Gel said:

    There’s a cupcake place here in our country too and i’m really in love with that place! The cupcakes are so sweet and they all look so cute too! And yup i’ve met some models who can be really hyper while on the ramp but very much reserved when they are being themselves. Heehee I find those people really cool :)

  7. Leanne said:

    I can’t believe you still went out and it was so hot! aha, it was a bit cooler here and I didn’t go out at all. D: I seriously should find some cool things to do in Sydney, haha~

  8. Mhaye said:

    nice sketches. good talent you have. ;)

  9. Thao said:

    That sounds like a pretty awesome day!

    Those little cupcakes look fantastic!

  10. Tara said:

    Agreed with Thao. Now I want some of those cupcakes! And I’m so jealous you can draw. I can do stick figures! That’s about it.

  11. Cynthia said:

    Niiiice, that looks like a lot of fun. So do you get to do this for class time? :D

  12. emma said:

    ahh i haven’t visited here for so long
    but it looks like ur having a blast
    im so proud of you for overcoming the past year !! good luck!!

  13. Leann said:

    Love the sketches =) I’ve never heard of Dr Sketchy before but it sounds really nice! I’m so jealous about the ice chocolate and red velvet cupcakes are so amazing!!! I tried them a month ago for the first time and they were good but I’m sure the ones you had were ten times more amazing :)

  14. Ellina said:

    I haven’t had cupcakes for a long time now. Really miss them. They’re awesome so good. Lol. I agree with you too, that the model is very pretty. And your sketches are really good too ^^ The body postures and the arms look realistic. When I draw, mine somehow always looks off or something.

  15. Tiff said:

    Aww my sketches of people always end up looking more like mutated non-humans.

  16. Minna said:

    You know, reading how much fun you get to have makes me envious, but also gives me great hope on having some spare-time eventually, seeing as you’re a med student and should have a slightly heavier work load than me. Or maybe it’s just longer? Anyways, everything you do sounds fun. Isn’t it hot down there, though? You’re on the news here in snow-land!

  17. Fia said:

    Nice sketches. The models are so purrty. :) And oooh cupcakes. <3

  18. Veronica said:

    Yay Dr. Sketchy’s! That looks like so much fun – I haven’t been to the Boston one in foreeeever

  19. Rachelle said:

    They have sketch clubs like that here, but man I wish they were either:

    a. not so late in the even
    b. closer to where I live (it sucks to travel in NY at night D:)

    It looks like so much fun! Better than my life drawing class D:

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