Things I Love

Laurent cake!

Wearing clinical clothes: I started 3rd year at the Alfred Hospital and have been wearing clinical/professional clothing everyday. It gets hot under the black pants and shirts however it makes me feel really grown up. Strolling into the hospital, my shoes hitting the hard cold surface and my Alfred ID dangled around my neck, makes me feel like I’m ready, ready to hold responsibility. I especially enjoy having lunch dates wearing these clothes; I’m suddenly not twenty, but thirty, flirty and confident :)

A smile to a smile: On Thursday I was placed on a nursing shift to understand the role of the nurses and their relationship with doctors. The shift was from 7am to 3:30pm!!! During the shift I caught a glance`of an old man looking out of one of the rooms on the ward. I gave him a smile and he returned a huge toothy grin back. It made me feel really good that a simple smile can make someone else smile.

Laurent cakes: I bought a Laurent cake for my Dad’s Birthday. I adore this cafe because it makes me think of France and class. The cakes there are beautifully crafted and delicious. I also like the “L” logo, hehe~

Haigh's chocolates- a gift for my friend

Giving: I know it might sound cliche but ‘giving’ fills me with a joy that I cannot put into words! I enjoy buying gifts and surprising people and showing them how much they mean to me. Everything I do I put a lot of thought into it- it fills me up- it fills up the void and gives me tingles.

Dressing up: I’m starting to feel that what I wear should be reflecting what I feel on the inside. My clothes should also reflect what I want to feel. I felt a bit gross and under the weather for the past few days and I thought- no, I should not feel like this. So after my IT session at the hospital, I went home and put on a Bardot boho-like black mini dress, Steve Madden gladiator “banglez” sandals  and a pair of aviator sunnies. It instantly made me feel better.  I felt confident, strong and sexy and was ready to strut my stuff!   

Other lovelies: Beyonce’s song ‘Halo’; Dr Sketchy; funny girls in quirky costumes; the aviator sunnies I bought in Vietnam; glitter everywhere!; kind strangers; weddings; little cupcakes; Vietnamese thick cakes; Mum’s fried chicken- look out KFC!; nice security guards; Haigh’s chocolates; cute tea cups;  city apartments; buying presents; feeling sexy; making new friends; table tennis; homemade sushi and inari; letters; making love packages; seeing the return of my friend’s spark; chivalry; reminiscing then being hopeful of the future.

  1. Ellina said:

    So much cakes and chocolates, you’re making me hungry! Lol ;D

    Heheh, it sounds like you really enjoy working at the hospital. It really feels good, ne. I remember I was volunteering there one summer and it was really nice helping around eventhough I didn’t exactly get to do much. So what are you going for? Like what kind of doctor?

  2. Thao said:

    Wearing clinical clothes is so much fun! I find really comfortable, but it does get chilly since the hospital is so cold.

    Have a great day at work/school. =]

  3. Tara said:

    When I was a kid, I was fascinated by that long white coat doctors are known to wear! Even now, I wouldn’t mind wearing one, just to look important and all. XD

  4. Hachi said:

    SUPER WOW at the pictured treats.

    I can relate to you with giving. This year I bought gifts after christmas and it’s such a nice feeling finding gifts for people and imagining the smile on their face when they open it (plus everything being on sale helped too!)

  5. daisy said:

    i get that sort of feelings too, wearing work clothes make me feel so grown up & mature all of the sudden xD
    & wearing those clothes out to lunch does sound very exciting =3
    glad that you’re enjoying your work =)

  6. Minna said:

    First of all — amazing job at organizing your files. Like I said before, I shall take after you (at one point or another…)

    I don’t know if I’ll get to wear clothes like that too when I do my placements, but I guess so. I will consider your thoughts on it then :)

    I love what you said about smiles. I try to do that as often as I can. What worries me is when someone doesn’t return it.

    I love giving too — when it’s thought through. Sometimes I want to give something to someone, or even say something, and I stop myself because it seems to random. Like people would get suspicious, and they probably would (that’s the sad part).

    Whatever is in the top picture, I want it, it looks delicious in every way possible.

  7. Karen said:

    Yay, I’m glad that my comment made you feel better ^^ I guess I kind of had a similar experience…but it was nothing serious. You know how we all have that “stage” in elementary school/middle school, when we have a crush on a certain guy? I haven’t seen him in 8 years, yet I still think about him sometimes. Haha, scary, I know!

    I really like today’s entry :) So many things are related to growing up and becoming more mature. Ah, the dressing up part was fun to read! I love dressing up as well. For some reason, beautiful clothes and accessories can make you feel powerful and confident.

  8. Rachelle said:

    that cake and that box of chocolates makes me wish valentine’s was here sooner! i really want to start doing one of those TILTs, it seems like making yourself think of things you love will make you see the brighter sides of life!

  9. Gel said:

    Giving “fills” me as well. I find joy in seeing other people smile with the simple things I give them. I don’t really enjoy wearing corporate attire or anything but yeah, I feel really grown up and “responsible” everytime i’m wearing that outfit. Heehee.

  10. Nanako said:

    Sends you an internet smile :) hehe

    Actually your “Things I love” makes me grin ★

  11. Anna said:

    You inspire me to make a ‘Things a love’ post as well! Maybe I should do that to brighten up my grey everyday school life. :D Smart idea!

    And yeah, a smile to a smile is a good feeling <3 I love that too. I’d smile to strangers as well, and I love it when they smile back. :)

    Cakes and cupcakes are love! I’ve always loved eating cakes and bakery stuff like that ever since I was a kid. But haven’t done so in the last couple of years. Your love for bakeries and photos inspires me! <3

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