Things I Love

Okay one 43°C+ day is cool but three 43°C+ days in a row?! The house has the air-conditioning on and the house is still relatively warm. This weather makes me feel sleepy and dizzy… so I’m going to try and type quickly.

A day late because I suddenly panicked last night after receiving an email from a lady from the Alfred, the hospital I will be placed at for the year, about the first/next week’s timetable and a looooong required reading list for the first tutorial. D:

Here’s my list of loveliness for the week:

Villain: Ah the people there have been amazing! Villain is a store of contemporary, urban and grafitti products and they had exactly what I was looking for! For weeks I had been searching for the mini Munny by Kidrobot for my friend’s Birthday, and it looked like I had to purchase it from the States and pay the hugeass shipping fee, but to my delight and relief I fell upon this store. The Munnies weren’t in stock but they were ordering them in and the guy who replied to my emails kept me up-to-date and notified me asap when they came in. I went to collect the little fella today and was served buy a really nice guy- definitely made me feel better because it was so freakin’ hot outside. Definitely going back to them again!

The Beach: If my last post wasn’t clear enough- I absolutely love the beach! I wish I was there right now…

Finishing a roll of film: I’ve finished my 2nd roll of film from my Fisheye2! Yes I take my sweet time because I don’t want to waste precious film! I’m really looking forward to getting it developed this weekend! :D

Audrey Kawasaki’s exhibition: A while back I placed my name on the waiting list and yesterday I received an email from the Outré gallery asking for an RSVP! :D Opening night is on Friday the 13th of February and the show will run for a few days. Not sure if I can make opening night- hmm.. better think quick! I wonder if I’m allowed to take photos of her artwork? Unfortunately Audrey is not going to be there, but on her blog she says she’ll be flying downunder next year for an even BIGGER show!  

Other heart-tingling-dimple-producing-lovely things: feeling proud of and extremely happy for my friends; ‘So Breaks Yesterday’ by Pullman; learning & speaking in broken Italian on the beach; watching the sunset; friends who encourage you to pursue your dreams; Bulla cookies & cream ice-cream; talking about the fabulous future; homemade hamburgers; brainstorming ideas with friends about what I should do with the space in my room if my little sister moves out; smoked salmon; watching adorable couples enjoy each others’ presence; Naruto Shippuuden; fortune cookies; reading horoscopes; my toy polar bear Sweetcheeks; blue skies.

  1. Thao said:

    Wow, that Audrey Kawasaki exhibition sounds really exciting!

  2. Louise said:

    Yay for shooting film. Do you develop the negatives yourself and then get it printed at a shop, or just take it to a shop?

    I’m 4 shots away from my first roll of film since I dunno…10 years, so I’m excited too. I dunno how to develop at all, so I think it’s off to the shop I go.

  3. Winn said:

    we’re getting a cool 25’C now ;D
    i died when we hit 30’C though,,,

    i hope you can go to the opening~ her works are amazing!

  4. Dakota said:

    I love her art too!! And beautiful photos in your last few postings by the way!

  5. daisy said:

    whoaa its 43 degrees over there?
    crazy hot!
    i haven’t touched a film camera in years
    it must be exciting to get all your precious photos developed finally =)
    im getting into reading horoscopes too! xD

  6. Veronica said:

    Audrey is amazing!! My good friend works for Gallery Nucleus in LA and she said she is super nice and humble despite her tremendous success – you must go to the show and report on it!! :)

  7. Leanne said:

    I can’t believe the heatwave is still going on! Hopefully a southerly comes soon, I feel so sad for the eldery :(

    Aww, I hope you get to take pictures of her work but I don’t think so D:

  8. Nao said:

    omg, with 35 i’m totally death~

    i love beach <3

  9. awww. 43?? OMG! i dont know how can I survive with that temperature. LOL

    Audrey Kawasaki??? Yay! ur so lucky!!!!

  10. My Linh said:

    I have seen Munnies in a store here but I think my Munny would end up looking stupid! X3

    I wish I was at the beach, too… I wish I had one round the corner.

    Oh, Audrey Kawasaki’s art is awesome! I have to show my lover, too. X3

  11. Mihoriel said:

    Your list of “Other heart-tingling-dimple-producing-lovely things” totally made me smile. Smoked salmon & reading horoscopes is too cool.

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