Summer days drifting away

It was half past two on a Wednesday afternoon, when a twenty year old ‘girl’ named Leanne ventured out to the bus stop on one of the hottest days in Melbourne, which was predicted to be part of one of the hottest weeks in a hundred years.

To her annoyance, the bus she was suppose to catch had broken down so she had to wait for the next one and then the train she was suppose to catch was delayed by thirty minutes, and then delayed again for ten minutes. She waited inside the train station and watched other commuters smoulder in the heat. Leanne grinned. Despite her clothing sticking to her like another layer of skin, she enjoyed days like this. How can you be unhappy on days like this? Her eyes smiled under her sunglasses. The cloudless-sky was a shade lighter blue than usual and the sun twinkled like a huge citrine- it’s full intensity unleashed on the earth.

To her relief, there were no more dramas concerning pubic transport for the rest of her trip. Her friend, Kelly picked her up and they waited for Anthony in the carpark while the temperature outside rose from 40°C to 43°C. Fifteen minutes later,  they were on the road to Mordialloc. After missing a few wrong turns, because Kelly refused to admit she was wrong and Anthony refused to give her directions until she admitted it, they arrived!

The white sand’s heat radiated through their thongs and burned their feet, so they quickly threw their stuff on the ground and hopped and skipped and then collapsed into the inviting cool green arms of the sea. Leanne loved the beach; she loved how it tingled all her senses. She lavished in the smell of the fresh ocean breeze; the different textures of sand under her feet; the saltiness on her lips; the bold vibrant colours of the coastline and bathers and the sound of laughter echoing along the shore. As a little girl she wanted to be a mermaid; maybe it was the sparkling scaly tail, or the way this beautiful aquatic creature of myth swam through the waters, or maybe it was the idea of finding a Prince who she would give up her tail for.

At half past eight, the three sat on the pier watching the sun set. Leanne found it odd how such a romantic event was so brief. One moment, half of the sun was peaking over the horizon and in one head turn, it was gone.


For dinner, they dined at an Italian restaurant called Michelangelo; unfortunately the service didn’t live up to the name of the Renaissance artist, but the food did. They ordered a cheese & garlic foccacia, chilli chicken gourmet pizza, marinated lamb pizza and some kind of chicken sausage- which was very nice!

Kelly drove Leanne home that night and it was approaching midnight when they arrived in Leanne’s driveway and Kelly’s car indicated that it was a barmy 34°C outside. Leanne bid her farewells to the two then stepped inside her home. She stood there in the hallway for a moment; her hair was sticky and sandy and her skin tingled with warmth and sunkisses; she felt tired but satisfied. She had spent a day at the beach- summer was now complete.

  1. Tara said:

    Sounds like an awesome day. It’s a good thing you like summer. I don’t, hahaha. But I wouldn’t mind spending time at a beach, preferrably on an auutmn day and evening, in clothes and talking and have fun with friends as the waves splashes around us!

  2. Thao said:

    Aww what a nice way to end the summer. I don’t think I went to the beach this summer. Not even a lake… I live about 2 hours from the oceans, so there’s a lake that’s about 45 minutes away and I used to go there every summer.

  3. Leanne said:

    I cannot believe that you guys are experiencing a max. of 45 today! So horrible, I was watching the tennis last night and they said it was about 50 degrees on court. Crazy!

    The sunset looks lovely, I haven’t seen on in a long time~ So pretty. And I’m glad that you’re feeling so content these days! I hope this feeling continues through the year :D

  4. Leann said:

    Wow! It sounds like you had such an amazing and relaxed day! I am so envious that you have such hot weather over there in Australia while I freeze here in Canada! I’m glad that you go to spend your day with your two friends, especially at the beach! And the food also looks like it was really good!! It make me crave pizza, which I haven’t had it quite a long time! :)

  5. Ellina said:

    Sounds like fantastic day you had =] I think it’s real nice living somewhere near a beach. Summer, to me, sounds like an amazing season filled with wonderous times ;D I’m glad you’re having an awesome summer. And dang, I did the online coversion, and that is freaking hot! Lol.

    BTW, do you just love the Shippuuden or do you love the manga as well? xD I love both.

  6. Gel said:

    I NEED TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE DAYS! Like there’s nothing to worry about, I can have all the rest and relaxation time I need.. rar. I NEED A BREAK!

    As usual, I love the shots :)

  7. Honeul said:

    I can’t wait for summer and pools and beaches too. I wanna feel the heat too but it’s still a bit cold here at our place.

  8. Lorik said:

    ahhhh~ the beach! this post was so nice….i am longing for summer even more now ^__________^

  9. Mihoriel said:

    I’m so envious. It’s only 29 degrees but with windchill it always gets lower. Alas, I do wish for a beach.

  10. I’m seeing pretty girls here ^.^ Lol. :)) Great shot :P

    40°C to 43°C????? OMG!? Whatta? Thta was really hot.

    The foods look yummy! :)

  11. Nanako said:

    Leanne this is beautiful!
    This post makes me so jealous, I can’t remember the last time my clothing stuck to me like skin ! :P And the food, and the water! Ack everything seems so relaxing and nice.

    If I were you I’d be going to the beach every day hahaha

  12. My Linh said:

    Oh, can we switch places? Wow, but 40°C is really hot! And you can’t get more naked than naked… D:

    Beautiful day, beautiful post. :*

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