On the 2nd day

Salmon & egg salad tartine

On the 2nd day of the Lunar Calendar; I woke up, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I hung up the washing;  drank a glass of milk and stretched every muscle in my body. I watched the new episode of Naruto Shippuuden and shed a tear. I cooked a salmon & egg salad tartine then ate it quietly while listening to ‘So Breaks Yesterday’ by Pullman. I read my horoscope for the New Year and see that I’m in for a “shake-up” this year and that I must work hard to maintain my honesty, values and wholeness which I have fought very hard for already in the past year.

I have more Med stuff to sort through and I have to tutor little kiddies from 3-7pm. Then probably at 7:30pm, I shall make myself comfortable in front of the television and watch the Australian Open. 

I think I need to sit down somewhere silent and consider what I really want this year.

A quiet post, for a quiet day.

  1. Louise said:

    That looks yummy! Is that smoked salmon below it? Ah, now I’m getting hungry.

  2. Winn said:

    i love smoked salmon~~~
    mine would just be toast, + salmon, + salmon, +salmon~
    the bears in canada have it good :/ they just open their mouths and salmon just jumps in…

  3. emm said:

    happppppppy new yearrrrrrrrrrr! <3

  4. That sandwich looks great! Nomnom :P

    Happy new Year to you! :))

  5. Veronica said:

    omg I love pictures of beautifully designed food plates! :)

  6. Ellina said:

    Man, that looks so yummy xD I wish I could have something tasty right now lol.

    You like Naruto as well? That’s awesome lol.

    Happy Chinese New Year ^^ And hope all the good things shall come =]

  7. Thao said:

    Aww what a nice day! I wish I was on my break right now…but no….in the middle of midterm exams….

  8. Rachelle said:

    Wow, that seems so relaxing. I wish my 2nd day of the New year was like that.

  9. Sasha said:

    That sounds so peaceful. Quiet days are the best. :)

  10. daisy said:

    omgosh you always post the yummiest looking food
    that must be the most delicious looking sandwich ive ever seen *O*
    let’s all work even harder in the new year =)
    & that reminds me to read horoscopes tomorrow xD

  11. mishisan said:

    Awesome food you made there, it’s so picture perfect =o.

    Life shouldn’t be filled with so many tough decisions =(

  12. May said:

    Oh you’re going to Italy ? Nice ^^
    I live in Europe but i’ve never been there T^T

    Do you go to school during Chinese New year ?

  13. Angel said:

    I love quiet peaceful days. I wish I could have one.

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