Vietnamese New Year

The air has the aroma of delicious food and a sense of anticipation; Mum and I are arranging flowers; my little sister is setting the table and my Dad is wiping the floors. Spring rolls sizzle and bamboo soup bubbles in the pot. Slowly, the table is covered in spring rolls, prawn crackers, stewed beef, Vietnamese coleslaw, rice papers, fish sauce, rice and salad. A feast to invite everyone home for the New Year!

My Mum is very traditional when it’s Vietnamese New Year. We clean the house and she always cooks a feast of traditional cuisine. We light incense and invite our ancestors home on New Years Eve and on New Years we visit the temple dressed in bright coloured clothing. She would never let me out of the house dressed in black or white on this day :p

My fortune cookie for the year says: “A man is at his tallest when he stoops to help a child“. Fingers crossed that I will grow very “tall” this year, hehe~

The first flower to bloom for the year!

Happy Vietnamese New Year or Chinese New Year!!! Welcome the Year of the Ox! :D

Happy Australia Day as well :)

  1. My god, I love that shot, looking at it makes me want to eat – – now, Im officially super starving..

  2. Dakota said:


    p.s I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Vietnamese food. You just made me starve, bitch. LOL. (I say that as a joke)

    Hope you have a beautiful year!!! <3

  3. Leanne said:

    Happy New Year!! This is such a great time, the food is always the best and getting red pockets is awesome too. I think I’m getting a little old for them now though :P

    Oh and yes, my address is the same! :)

  4. Winn said:

    Happy new year!
    we had a big feast for dinner too~

  5. rikuka said:

    Happy Lunar New Year! All that food looks so delicious *drooling* Everybody at my home was working today so we celebrated a couple days early :)but still, you’re picture is making me crave some more.

  6. Thao said:

    Happy new year to you too!

    We celebrated a day early because I had to get back to my apartment on Sunday. But yes, LOTS AND LOTS OF YUMMY FOOD!

    We’re not that traditional as your mom is. We did clean up the house a bit, but it’s not as clean as it could be. I have a wild younger brother who continues to make messes everywhere. However, we certainly did make sure to have tons of food. =]

  7. Honeul said:

    omg, now I’m hungry after reading your blog. lols. Happy new year!

  8. Lianne said:

    given that i have chinese ancestry, the new year is a big event at home as well! i can totally relate to what kind of clothing i wear on the new year, and what kind of food i specifically eat. my mom is very superstitious at this time of year, but it’s also something i look forward to since it gives our family a lot of personality! a lot of my happy childhood memories are associated with the lunar new year !

    gong xi fa cai ! [the chinese greeting! :D]

    may you have a prosperous year of the ox !

  9. Gel said:

    KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!!! And Australia Day? Nice! :) Heehee. Been awhile since I last had my fortune cookie!

  10. Freyah said:

    kung hei fat choi!! the picture you took looks so nice.. yummy foods.. wew.. that made me hungry.. hahaha

    take care :)

  11. Tara said:

    Ooooh! The food looks good! Happy Lunar New Year! <3

    And I like your fortune! it makes sense! I wish I could grow taller, too!

  12. daisy said:

    i love celebrating the new years in the traditional way, i think it makes the holiday more important and more to look forward to, too bad my parents aren’t into those stuff
    the food looks so pretty & so good!
    happy year of the ox! xD

  13. tiff said:

    Mmmm…food. That’s a great shot of it, really.

    Happy New Year!!!

  14. Louise said:

    Yay, Happy New Year to you too.

    I love when the family gets together and just pigs out on a table full of delicious food on New Years.

  15. May said:

    Happy New Year :D
    I don’t celebrate it since i’m not chinese or vietnamese .___.
    The meal looks so good <3

    Oh and, have you ever been to Europe ? ^^

  16. Rachelle said:

    Ah! Everyone is celebrating Lunar New Year! I wish I knew why Filipinos don’t celebrate it, it makes me feel like I’m missing out on all the fun ;A;

  17. Reita said:

    Wow the food looks delicious ^0^

    Happy Belated New Year? lol C:

  18. Mihoriel said:

    Happy Chinese/Vietnam New Year!

    The food looks amazing and capturing the first flower is pretty.

  19. My Linh said:

    Oh, I didn’t celebrate it at all. Just calling my parents tell them Happy New Year and then ended up having a fight with them… ;o;

    Yummy food, I’m jealous. :*

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