On seeing the 100% perfect girl…

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I was scanning through my daily reads & stumbled across this short story by Murakami Haruki. It’s short and sweet and hauntingly beautiful. I’m reading his other stories now.. They make me pause… 

I wonder if I’ve walked passed by my 100% perfect boy…

  1. Winn said:

    I’ve read quite a few of his books…
    … just whoa o__o;;;

  2. Jen said:

    Oh I must find time to look into his writings!

  3. May said:

    Thanks for your comment :D
    Yeah that’s right.. bleaching damages hair, but if your friend has thick hair i guess it’s okay ^^ mine is too thin so it’s damaged .__.

    Actually there are american fast food in France (mostly Mcdonald’s) but not as much as in America, and i don’t live in Paris, so we don’t have any Starbucks Coffee, BaskinRobins.. T^T

  4. Leanne said:

    Wow… just wow, there’s no other words for it.

  5. May said:

    Oh i see ~ How is Australia ? I’ve never been there but it looks so nice *__*
    I live in the South of France, in Toulouse :]
    My city isn’t as big as Paris but it’s still nice ^^

  6. Melle said:

    I wanna try reading that one too

  7. Thao said:

    Wow, what a nice little story, although a bit sad.

  8. Lorik said:

    awwwwwwww that was so nice…… I wish he went up and talked to her though ;_________;
    that was really really nice~~~

    hope you are well Leanne~

  9. jayjayne said:

    I love little these short stories – admittedly, I haven’t read much of his work – MUST FIND MORE OF HIS WORK TO HAVE A LITERARY MUNCH! I’m a little set in my ways and I have a thing for Terry Pratchett – as he is awesomeness concealed in a vaguely human shape.

    Ah 100% perfection? Maybe we will never meet that person ;p Maybe we should look for people who can accept our faults! Whoo for equilibrium of imperfection!

    jayne :D

  10. Leann said:

    Wow, that was a really beautiful story and I absolutely LOVED the graphics for it :)

  11. Leanne said:

    Oh, I forgot to mention I will send out the CD when I look normal which will probably be at the most by the end of next weeek! Sorry it’s take so long :)

  12. Rachelle said:

    Murakami is a great author. I remember my Asian Lit. teacher recommending him when we were reading 69 but Murakami Ryu (also a really good book, I definitely recommend it).

  13. Mihoriel said:

    Wow. I feel sad reading it but I’m glad I did.

  14. Gem said:

    my friend has been telling me to read his works.but never got the time to.
    this story is so true, for me at least.LOL.

  15. My Linh said:

    Oh, I have that book at home. I love his writing style. I love all of Murakami Haruki’s books. ^^

    The graphics are sweet.

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