Things I Love

I’m so glad that I’m seeing people do this! I feel it’s a way of finding the lovely and the magic in the week and it’s like I am trying to find happiness instead of letting the negative overcome me. Credit goes to Gala Darling for starting this!

Red velvet cupcake!!

So without further ado, mesdames et messieurs, here’s my list:

Getting organised: Uni begins in less than two weeks and I’ll be heading out to hospitals, so I thought it was about time I sort through my 2 years of notes and print outs. I’m still not finished but it feels so good once I get one semester sorted out into it’s own folder!  

Melbourne: I have lived in this marvellous city my whole life and the more I wander and explore, the more amazing things I find… especially underground! :D

Outside haircuts: My hair was getting annoying long so I went over to my friend’s place to get a trim. She trimmed my hair out on her back porch while I wore a paper bag drapped over my shoulders. It was steaming hot and the warm breeze carried my hair to probably some poor soul’s garden :p 

Dr Sketchy is back! I’m so excited! Dr Sketchy have started off the year with 3 sessions featuring stars of Midsumma’s 21st Festival! I’ve bought a ticket for the 2nd session and if uni isn’t too busy hopefully I can make it to the 3rd session too! :D

Tennis: I’ve been trying to mix up my exercise routine because running is so boring… I haven’t picked up a racquet in a long time and since my tennis-playing-cousin is over and the Australian Open is on; I thought we may as well :) It was windy and hot, but I felt really fresh after feeling crappy in the morning. Ahh~~ Marat Safin will be playing Roger Federer in the 3rd Round!!!

Vegetarian stirfry; Belgium waffles; chatting on the roof of a greenhouse; sitting at Fed Square; seeing a photoshoot; Stalactites’ lamb souvlaki; browsing through art shops & book markets; knowing your present for your friend is simply awesome, LOL; finding lomography film here! (saves the trouble shipping it from Europe!); red velvet Little Cupcakes- so cute & delicious!; admiring street art; IKEA; Swedish mmmeatballs; hot days & the Australian Open.

  1. Karen said:

    Thank you! Sadly, my cold got worse this morning because I didn’t sleep well last night. Oh well… I’ll be sure to get tons of sleep and fluids this time.

    Wow, I’m really glad that you’ve been so productive. All the food and events are so exciting! I feel like I’m getting lazier as each day passes by…. I’m still trying to sort out a bunch of files because my laptop broke and I’ll be using my dad’s laptop for a while :(

  2. Nanako said:

    Its too cold here to play tennis! *pouts*
    Tennis is ADDICTING. ahaha.

    Snipping hair outside on a porch? Enjoying the city? Summer sounds so nice :D!

    I love all your posts Leanne. They’re bright and just enjoyable to read ^-^

  3. Mhaye said:

    sorry for this off topic comment. just delete after… i need your help. pls read my new post. it’s important.

  4. Sasha said:

    wow, you always have amazing looking baked goods! :) Melbourne sounds like a seriously cool place to live with all those things.

  5. Minna said:

    I should do that, organize semesters. Very good idea, thank you :)

    You make me want to go to Australia and Melbourne even more, you tease! ;-)

    On the bright side, you probably made some birds day by cutting your hair outside. Much more important than some neighbour, wouldn’t you agree?

    Swedish meatballs, aww <3 I can make some for you :D Not that I haven’t eaten too many during Christmas season already! Do they sell those at your IKEA store?

  6. Tara said:

    I love my city, too. I just wish I had more time, energy, and motivation to explore it! <3 And that picture of that cookie (?) looks so delicious!

  7. Tara said:

    ~_~ And I just realise it’s a cupcake.

  8. Ray said:

    its way to cold to be getting haircuts outside in NYC ^_^

  9. Veronica said:

    Oh my goodness – I HEART Dr. SKETCHY! They are here in Boston on Sundays. What a super cool event. Lovely pic – want to eat it…

  10. Gel said:

    That’s such a cute image! Hehe I always thought that tennis is such a tough sport to play. The court’s so wide, the racket’s kinda heavy… and those are some of the reasons why i’m sticking with badminton forever!!! Haha :)

  11. Thao said:

    Haha…I don’t think I can trust any of my friends to give me a trim. XD

  12. daisy said:

    awww that’s the cutest little cupcake!
    & i don’t think i am able to put my hair in my friends’ hands either xD
    hope to visit melbourne one day!

  13. Winn said:

    I need to get a haircut too :/
    but I’m lazy to travel into the city~
    and it’s so expensive now!
    everyplace starts at $35+ DDD:

  14. Rachelle said:

    Ah this seems like fun. Perhaps I’ll start a “Things I love” as well!

  15. Mihoriel said:

    I totally love that organization is on your list. I love being organized and having a neat room. I sometimes do it when I’m procrastinating.

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