Feeling Swedish?

On Sunday I persuaded my Dad to drive me to IKEA for some inspiration. The house was feeling tense and I just wanted to get out!

The more I strolled along the arrow led pathways of IKEA, the more I desired to go to Europe one day. Possibly live there for a few years or maybe go on a very long holiday. 

We had Swedish Meatballs at the IKEA Café/Restaurant, which were delish!

I bought a Spöka for my friend’s Birthday. It’s a ghost night light and you turn it on and off by pressing the ghost’s head. Hehehe~

Also bought some Swedish chocolate! :3 I adore the packaging ♥

  1. Leanne said:

    Aww, I love Ikea! Me and my friends used to go there to look and play around when I was 13 :P For some reason we always had such a great time there but I went back with my family and it just seemed so stressful going to each of the sections finding bits and pieces of your furniture D:

  2. Sasha said:

    I can spend all day at Ikea! It’s kind of sad.

    Living in Europe for a few years would be fun, but it’s hard to get up the drive to do it. maybe one day?

  3. tiff said:

    I would love to goto Europe as well.

    Also, what part of Ikea did it make you want to see Europe?

  4. Ellina said:

    Europe sounds like a very nice place to visit someday. I’d love to do that as well if I get the chance and the money :] A lot of historical sites there as well.

    Aww, those fries look so yummy. I’m beginning to get hungry again and I only just ate like an hour ago =P

  5. emm said:

    ikea’s pretty kickass i haveta agree

  6. Karen said:

    Thanks for dropping by, Leanne :) Yeah, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. I guess it’s because I don’t have anything interesting to talk about. Plus I’ve been busy with new things. Perhaps, I’ll blog tomorrow since I’m on a 4-day weekend ^.^

    Btw, the food looks yummy! :)

  7. Freyah said:

    that must be a really nice place.. wish i can go there too.. sounds great. the food looks soo yummy! =P~

    take care :)

  8. Louise said:

    I <3 Ikea, but the BF never wants to go. I always end up spending too much money there even if I just went in to get one thing. I’ve wanted to get that Ghost nightlight for a while, but I’m scared of going in and coming out with more crap I don’t need.

    Their food is surprisingly good for a furniture store!

  9. Tara said:

    Hazelnut chocolate? Mmmm. And that Swedish meatball meal does look yummy. Now I want some. XD

  10. Ray said:

    sweedish meatballs are gifts from god. ^_^
    soooo good.

  11. Leann said:

    ooh, sweedish meatballs sound amazing! I should try some one day! I love strolling around in IKEA because there is so much stuff to look at and get inspiration from!! I hope that you do go to Europe one day! :)

  12. ni-ni said:

    yummy !!
    i love swedish meatballs :)

  13. Thao said:

    IKEA rocks! I love spending time there and the food is really cheap.

    I totally want to go to Europe too! I love Europe soo freaking much that I want to find me a husband there. hAHAHA!

  14. mishisan said:

    That food looks great. & that Spöka thing is really cute *wants one*

  15. Hachi said:

    HOLY CHIPS those meatballs look so delicious!

    Definitely visit Europe, it’s a must visit place! (But I live here, so I’m biased..)

  16. Sara said:

    Now, I love IKEA, but I didn’t realize they did food as well. O_O Those meatballs and fries look nom nom nom

  17. Veronica said:

    OMG their food is so much better than you’d think for a FURNITURE store haha :)

  18. Jenii said:

    Ahh IKEA. My boyfriend and I live there o_o… Practically anyways. Most of our junks/furniture is from there. The meatballs followed us home as well. GYAH DELICIOUS MEATBALLLLLLLLLLLLLZ!!!

  19. Mihoriel said:

    Ikea is just amazing & those swedish meatballs are amazing. I’ve only been there once with a friend but it was fun going through the aisles & wondering what could fit in an apartment that I could one day own. It made me happy. Visiting/Living in Europe is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’d be epic :).

  20. rikuka said:

    ohh i’m so hungry now! i haven’t had swedish meatballs in the longest time & those ones look especially delicious.

  21. Angel said:

    I’m way too hungry for this post. Everything looks so delicious :(

  22. daisy said:

    i never ate in ikea
    maybe i should try next time =D

  23. Winn said:

    i heard ikea food was nice! i should have tried some in HK but i can’t remember if they actually sold food in that one… i think they did…?
    we don’t have ikea in nz… sighs.

  24. Lorik said:

    lolll Spöka ……

    I love ikea…i feel so lucky that there is one in my city…because i can go there whenever i miss sweden~

  25. Gel said:

    That food looks yummy and I like the packaging of the chocolate as well! Makes me wanna go on nomnom mode with them or something haha!

    FRIES FRIES FRIES. I’m addicted to them hahaha! I couldn’t resist eating some if it’s available. Haha.

  26. Fia said:

    Wow. The food doesn’t sound familiar but they all look tasty. Yum xD

  27. My Linh said:

    Aww, SPÖKA is cute! I love Ikea~ I could spend there all day + it’s very cheap. ^^ Yum… chocolate~

  28. Becca said:

    I love ikea food, just because it’s so cheap haha… and the meatballs? yummy!!!

  29. Ellina said:

    Hi Leanne ^^ Yes, I love Breakdown as well…First time I heard it was on Gossip Girl and I was like, “Man, I gotta find that song!” and luckily they do have that on Imeem <3 So I’m happy about that lol.

    And sure, I would love to be blog buddies ^__^ I’ve added your link up already. . . And chose baby blue for your uh…IDK, colored mini pixel thing (lol)…Tell me if you rather I have another color for you cuz I don’t know what you would rather prefer :P

  30. May said:

    Oh ~ you make me want to go to IKEA XD
    But i don’t know.. i’m getting bored of it cause i’ve been there almost everyday during a week during summer because i changed all my room :o

  31. Rachelle said:

    An IKEA opened here in Brooklyn. I have to find the bus that goes there, there are so many things I want to buy and see at IKEA!

  32. Anna said:

    I love Ikea as well! Everything about Ikea is <3

    Me and my family visit Ikea all the time, and everytime we do, we have to eat there <3

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