A pleasant day

I caught up with my two Uni friends who I’ve gotten very close with over the course of 2008– let’s say more or less if it weren’t for them I would have missed more classes than I had already moaping over a silly boy or I wouldn’t be here at all. I hadn’t seen them for two months because I was in Vietnam and then one of them was overseas and the other had family commitments, but we finally got ourselves together for a lovely day in the city.

First we had lunch at the Greek restaurant, Stalactitites where I had a very filling and delicious lamb souvlaki.

Then we visited an art supplies store, which I had been meaning to check out since last year! Seriously I can browse in these stores all day, touching and dreaming up all the supplies I wish I had :D

We ventured to Victoria Market for an hour or two then had a little snack of delicious Belgium waffles with melted chocolate served by a lovely French lady on Degraves Street~

Wandered over to The Greenhouse at Federation Square, which is a temporary exhibition by Joost and it’s built entirely from recycled and recyclable materials! With floors made of old shipping crates, tables from fire hydrants and a feature wall of wild strawberries– it’s amazing and terribly relaxing! We sat on the roof chatting while sipping lemonade while the city bustled bellow. If I wasn’t so full I would have ordered chips from the café because they were served in cute terracotta pots!!!

We stopped briefly at the Federation Square Book Market in the Atrium and I swear if I weren’t on a budget I would be buying a whole ton of books for my make believe library~ hehe. Afterwards we explored other parts of the city and wandered through alleyways admiring street art. It’s so different now… alleyways used to be empty, now people flock to them to take photos. We’re no longer alone!!

I thought this was cool :p

Fafi was here! Fafi was here! So excited to find one of her fafinettes! xD

It was a pleasant day; I’ve been feeling in a bit of a slump lately so this was a breath of fresh air.

Right now, my cheeks are still tingling from sunkisses and I’m mouthing the words to Kelly Clarkson’s new single ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’; I’m so tempted to jump and down and scream to this song.

PS. Thank-you Louise for letting me know that my RSS link wasn’t working. It’s fixed now! A question: when I subscribe to a blog/website do I type the Feed’s URL or the actual site’s URL into my Google Reader? For some reason everyone’s sites I’ve tried works both ways, but for my site, the Feed URL works whereas my blog’s URL doesn’t work- says it doesn’t exist. Help, explain?!

  1. Tara said:

    Mmmmm. The food looks good.

    Do you use FF? Because I discover that it’s just EASY to click on the orange RSS icon in the whatyamacallit . . . the URL textbar. When I click on that, I am automatically taken to a page that gives me two choice on how I want to subscribe to the RSS feed, and I choose the Google Reader one.

    But yes, you do type in the FEED url.

  2. Tara said:

    But I dunno why yours won’t show the orange icon thing. ~_~;; This is quite puzzling.

  3. Louise said:

    Yeah, I dunno why your feed doesn’t show up when you click subscribe with the google reader thing. I think it looks for feeds that are named some default way and if it can’t find it, it gives that error? I just put the feed URL directly in and that works fine!

  4. Jenii said:

    YOMYOMYOM BELGIAN WAFFLE ;_; WAAAAANT! You do post the yummiest photos…and the artsy artsy ones are awesome. I love art places…I want all the art supplies evar too!! Though…I’m finding I don’t have the time to produce anything decent *slump* I miss drawing :T Ahhh…what a gorgeous day!!! (tis so very cold in the North East US…very cold….)

    Don’t know about the RSS :T

  5. Thao said:

    Hmm that art place is really neat. ^__^

    Belgium waffles with melted chocolate!!! OMG THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!

  6. Sarah said:

    I haven’t really ever heard indie, but I’m going to look those people up :)

    That art supplies store is so cool! The graffiti is so cool :) Where i live they have these tunnels on the highway, and people graffiti the entire inside, even the roads and ceilings.


  7. Tiff said:

    I wish I lived in Melbourne. I’m here stuck in boring old Brisbane… siigh.

  8. Melle said:

    wow souvlaki.. I know a frat that eats souvlaki once a month. lol the art store seems to be full of arts (based on the exterior).. haven’t heard kelly’s new single.. hahaha nice pix..

  9. Winn said:

    you make me want to go back to Melbourne ;__;

  10. Gel said:

    Wow there are lots of school stuff in your neighborhood! There aren’t much nice areas in our place so there’s really no good site to take a picture of. Boo. Haha.

  11. daisy said:

    that souvlaki wrap looks so yummi!
    everywhere’s all nice & sunny
    your photos really make me miss summer xD

  12. Mihoriel said:

    I totally love the art in the alleyways, it makes the streets look so amazing. I’m glad you had a fun day reconnecting with your friends. It’s always the best. The stores also look so cool ^^.

  13. Rachelle said:

    Wow! That must be so cool to see one of Fafi’s fafinettes up close! Alas, I only see them in books ;A;

  14. Anna said:

    The underground arts looks very cool! I also have a passion for arts, and especially rural and street art- Unfortunatly there’s not much street art in Norway. Not even in Oslo, which is the capital of Norway.. Ugh.

    I love looking at your photos! So keep up with the photoposting :D

    Belgium waffles are the best in the world. At least it was the last three months. When I first get a taste of something REALLY good, I go and buy it everyday. I know it’s not smart, cause’ that way I’ll get sick of it a lot easier (like I am now).. Haha, but can’t resist.. Really x_x

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