Things I Love

Surprising someone: Nothing beats surprising someone, whether it’s appearing at their home with a cake, giving them a present or just doing a kind gesture,  the expression on their face and the feeling in your heart is priceless. The planning part is a lot of fun too! xD

Breadtop: I visited this bakery as often as I can when it first appeared and always filled my stomach with cute little doughtnuts, muffins, cakes and buns. Then one day I ate something which made me feel sick (I don’t know whether the produce was expired or that I wasn’t feeling too well that day) and avoided the place since. This week, while I was rushing around the city searching for a mini cake for my Mum’s Birthday I found myself visiting an old friend and I couldn’t resist her (bakeries are feminine yeh? haha) cuteness! I bought the Almond and Hazelnut cake for my Mum and it was yummy- the bottom tasted like Ferrero Roche! I also bought a Chicken & mushroom “doughnut” for my train ride home and it was delicious! :3 

Learning Italian: Ciao! Come sta? Mi chiamo Leanne. Hehe~~ Over the weekend I borrowed some books & CDs to learn Italian to prepare myself for my trip in June. It’s so much fun! I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed learning a language. I love having the CD on and repeating after it– it’s hilarious! Arghh~~ I can’t roll my ‘R’s’! :p

Summer: Summer in Melbourne is usually filled with short-shorts wearing, aircon humming and sun burning days… and we haven’t experienced that for the last month and a half until this week! I’m so happy; it finally feels like summer! “Summer sun, something’s begun, but uh-oh those summer nights!” 

Neopets: I played it when I was in Grade 5 or 6 and eight years later I’m back and addicted~ ^^;;

Other lovely things: Marat Safin; compliments; stationary shopping; chicken & mushroom “doughnut”; ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’; Brad Pitt; organising love packages; being ambushed by friends; hot dogs; breaking a sweat; rock melon; Kelsey Wild; dreaming; lasagna; street art; brainstorming for the next Vector edition and looking forward to seeing friends on Saturday.


  1. Louise said:

    Hallo, I wanted to subscribe to your blog, but the RSS links don’t work. Help?

  2. Viki said:

    mmm looks/ sounds delicious, too good im no good at backing :P
    we let my sister do that xD
    haha she does really have something against me.
    short story, hates my guts.
    it’s funny how people so close to you can quickly set a wall between you.
    hmm, strange stuff

  3. mishisan said:

    Hey there =)
    That picture… I can just print it out and eat it XD

    Hope you have a great time in Italy!

    —-reply to your comment
    Hmm I think I’m just not used to having to buy real winter clothes hehe but now that you mention it I think I’ll get the coat because I’ve been looking around and most things cost more =(

  4. Thao said:

    Oooh that Breadtop place sounds yummy. My college town doesn’t really have any good bakery, or at least to my knowledge. So sad…

    Hahaha neopets, such a classic. I was playing it during my winter break since I was so bored.

  5. Ellina said:

    Dang, you do have good photos on your site ;D I love looking at photographs of different things or places or people…It’s really nice lol.

    Nice blog you have here ^^

  6. Sarah said:

    Haha, project 365 is where you take a photo ever day for an entire year :) I’m doing it to improve my photography.

    Yeah, I tried asking him what his problem was. He said I was just hearing stuff and trying to cause drama. Grr. -_-

    Your taking a trip to italy? That’s so cool! I have a friend who is italian, he’s so proud :P


  7. Sash said:

    That looks yummy! I wish I had a bakery that good nearby.

    My ex-boyfriend was Italian and he tried to teach me Italian, but it didn’t take very well. The best part was the gestures everyone makes with their hands while they’re talking. I bet that will be a very fun trip!

  8. Nini said:

    That cake looks deliciouz. :O

  9. Katy said:

    Omg I remember going to Neopets recently (haven’t been there for YEARS before that) and there are so many people playing it, it’s not even funny! You know that tree where you can get free stuff? Things are gone in not even 1 millisecond after you post it. When I first joined Neopets, it was completely brand new and unknown!

  10. Lorik said:

    LOLLLL Neopets!!~ I used to play too….but my sister was more into it than I was lolll Ahhh Summer! I can’t wait till summer…especially now..that spring semester has begun! I love summer…..the sun…ahh~ It’s really hot here for January!!! 27 degrees!! I think that’s a record or something…doesn’t feel like winter at all~

    I love learning languages~ Good luck Leanne!!~

  11. tiff said:

    You’re playing Neopets again? Haha nerd. :P

  12. Nanako said:

    A mushroom doughnut sounds so good right now, you don’t even know @__@

    Italian is such a beautiful language. Its considered the most romantic language there is!

  13. Winn said:

    what kind of cake is that? it looks cute!
    hehe i saw heaps of breadtop shops when i was over :/ maybe i should have tried some but there were so many other things to eat ^^;

  14. Mihoriel said:

    The cake looks so cute & delicious! I remember Neopets, I used to do it but used to leave and forget to take care of my pets. I was a bad owner ><!

  15. Gel said:

    I love surprising people too! Especially my boyfriend. The look on his face is priceless everytime i’m successful in making him happy :) It feels like summer there already? Here in the Philippines it’s been extra cold the past couple of days. Freezing cold!!! I couldn’t go out of the house without a jacket on. Pft.

    It’s also fun to learn a new language :) Good luck in mastering it! We studied Japanese for one semester hehe it was pretty cool.

  16. My Linh said:

    Oh, I like surprising people and then see their happy expressions make me also very happy. Also I like being surprised, of course. :D

    Summer… I miss summer. T.T

    Good luck learning Italian. I can’t speak Italian but Spanish which is really similar. If you can Spanish you can understand many of Italian phrases and the other way round. It’s fun. ^^

  17. Tara said:

    Neopets! Homg. That brings back memories!

    And Italian is about the only Romance language I’m remotely interested in learning. French and Spanish are too complicated for, but Italian is interesting. Probably because I was in band and almost 90% of the music terminology is Italian-based.

  18. Mhaye said:

    hi there. just stumbled here.
    oh well that is so yummy. haha.

    btw i’ve linked you. ;) pls link me too.

  19. daisy said:

    chicken & mushroom doughnut sounds so good
    i’ve never seen anything like it~ xD
    i went back to playing neopets the other day too! haha! xD

  20. Rachelle said:

    I’m trying to teach myself Korean because I want to go there for a year (fingers crossed). It’s kind of hard but thankfully tons of people in my college are Korean so there is help everywhere!

    Good luck with the Italian! I’ve heard that Italy is an awesome place to see!

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