Kawasaki and Button

I went out with my little sister to the doctor’s today in the 37 degree heat and nearly melted. After her appointment, she wanted to go shopping so I just lagged behind her and did some browsing/touching but not buying. It’s so hard being on a budget, despite not spending on clothes & knick knacks on myself, I’m finding myself taking money from next week’s for Birthday presents and food! Anyway, I managed to drop by at my favourite gallery: The Outré Gallery and was excited to hear that the first exhibition of 2009 will be the work of Audrey Kawasaki!!! :DD I’ve placed my name down on the waiting list, so fingers crossed I get in! I’m so excited; I’ve been oogling over her work ever since I stumbled across her blog in 2007!  

Last night my friends ambushed my house and dragged me off to the movies and to my delight we saw ”The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’ I’ve been wanting to see this movie since the beginning of 2008 and have been waiting for an opportunity to go see it. I love F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work ever since I read ‘The Great Gatsby’ in highschool and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ is one of his short stories.  I swear the more I see Brad Pitt the more I think he looks like Robert Redford who acted as Jay Gatsby in the 1974 movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. I wonder if Fitzgerald knew a woman named Daisy because he uses that name for the female protagonist in two stories. 

In one word, I thought the movie was beautiful. Every scene made me gasp in awe and it was amazing to watch Benjamin “grow” while his surroundings changed from 1918 to the 21st century. Cate Blanchett was stunning and class and Brad Pitt was amazing. Though would have been nice to see “young” Benjamin more, hehe. The movie made me laugh, cry and think. The messages that stayed with me from the film were: “Nothing lasts” and “There’s always an opportunity to start over and live again.” I guess it’s never too late to pursue your dream or change the direction of your journey because the bittersweetness of life is- nothing ever lasts (well most things).  

  1. Reita said:

    Audrey Kawasaki’s work looks awesome C: I hope you get in!

    I really want to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It seems very interesting.

  2. Leanne said:

    Aww, so lucky… I wonder if her exhibition is coming to Sydney. I really want to see it but probably not D:

    It’s definitely hard being on a budget *sigh* and you always seem to find the things you want when you’re on a budget for some reason~

    The movies that are coming out right now are all so good with the exception of Yes Man :S I definitely want to see this movie though! Brad Pitt is so hot :3

  3. Viki said:

    maybe we cry because our bodies become so overwhelmed, by either the moment or emotions around us.
    hmm or maybe we just frown so hard it forces water from our eyes :D

    yesh, that messege got to me.
    nothing does last forever, what does my life mean.
    its one of those deep things D:

  4. Tara said:

    I didn’t enjoy The Great Gatsby, but the movie bored me more than the book.

    However, now that I have studied the Lost Generation writers (mostly Ernest Hemingway), I may actually try and go back to reading Gatsby one day . . . but only when Jupiter shrink will I watch the movie. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the Benjamin movie!

  5. Jen said:

    I was missing summer months while I freeze but you just reminded me of when I MISS WINTER! Haha

    I’m definitely renting Benjamin Button when it comes out!!! I wish movie theaters here weren’t so frustrating *expensive & full of a-holes* or else I’d rush to see it in theaters!

  6. hannie said:

    i could send you a loofah if you really want one! hahahah just let me know!!

  7. hey, thanks for the comments!! You got to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! That’s one of the movies on my “must see at some point, preferably SOON” list because the story is amazing, and, well… Brad Pitt XD The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite required reading books, second only to Lord of the Flies! Good luck getting in to the exhibition – her work looks awesome!

  8. Winn said:

    I hope you get to see Audrey Kawasaki’s works! I love her stuff! :D so lucky~~~
    I think I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD or some other form :/ I don’t cope well seeing these kind of movies in public~
    I haven’t read the great gatsby but I remember my sis getting really frustrated with it when she had to read it for school :/ maybe i’ll give it a try~

  9. Melle said:

    I haven’t seen the movie but people say that it’s good. the first time i saw its movie poster i asked my friend “is that brad pitt? he looks old” I’ll try to watch it mayeb this weekend

  10. Sarah said:

    I ADORED benjamin button, it just drew me in. It’s my new favorite movie :)


  11. Gel said:

    It’s frustrating that until now, I still haven’t seen the movie! The first time I saw the trailer, it immediately caught my interest but it sucks that now that it’s out in the cinemas, I still haven’t caught a glimpse of that movie.


  12. Minna said:

    I love how that movie sounds – the cover reminds me of Finding Neverland – and I’d love to see it too! Really expensive to go to the movies here, you wouldn’t believe the prices on some :| Same as buying the movie. It’s interesting that you note things like Daisy in his stories, makes you wonder who she was. I know, if I’d write books, some people would definately be in it, ppl who have affected me, and some names just cling to you for no reason at all, except from who it belonged to, which only you will know. :-)

  13. Mihoriel said:

    I agree with your review of Benjamin Button wholeheartedly. It was amazing :).

  14. My Linh said:

    AAAH! I really want to watch that movie, too, on Monday~

  15. Gem said:

    LOVED the movie.i loved the scenes with the “young” benjamin.he was really fun to watch and i was always like ‘awwwwwwwwww’.hahahaha, really touching.sad though.and cate blanchett looks really beautiful even if she was in her 40’s.brad pitt is just hands down one of the hottest men to ever walk this earth.

  16. Rachelle said:

    I think I remember something saying that Daisy in Great Gatsby was based off of Fitzgerald’s wife. I’m not sure if the same applies to Benjamin Button, but who knows? I’m not a huge fan of Brad Pitt but that movie does look very interesting. Not a fan of Fitzgerald either, but most so because I don’t like his writing style. All of the adaptions of his novels are great, therefore he creates great stories. I just don’t like how he writes the :D

    Good luck with the Kawasaki show. I like the fact that she paints on a unconventional medium.

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