Girl with Hair Ribbon

Girl with Hair Ribbon

‘Girl with Hair Ribbon’
14″ x 14″ Acrylic on canvas

For the past 2 days and a half I’ve been working on a piece for my friend’s Birthday. It’s been so long since I picked up a paintbrush and I’ve almost forgotten how frustrating yet satisfying the whole process is!

I remembered that my friend really liked a Pop Art piece (I did back in highschool) she found lying in my room, so I decided to paint one just for her. I did a copy (with slight alterations) of Roy Lichtenstein’s 1965 oil and magna on canvas piece ‘Girl with Hair Ribbon,’ because there was something about her. There’s always something about the girls in Lichtenstein’s work; they have a sense of vulnerability, instability & brokeness, but I chose to paint this girl because I see strength in her eyes too.

Progress shots:

pencil sketch

Pencil sketch

marker lining

Thicken and bold the lines with marker. I’m a big fan of black and white so I like this part & it’s like she’s coming to life!

paint & gloss

Add colour; add black & gloss finish

The hardest part was painting the black because it required so much brush control and my hands were shaky, but I’m very very happy with the result! :) 

  1. Tiff said:

    Oh my God that’s incredible! I love this so, so much, you’re amazing!

  2. Cynthia said:

    NICE! Pop art rocks!

    Would it look more authentic if it had that weird comic colour overlay?

  3. Tara said:

    That looks good. You obviously have more talent than I ever will! <3 I’m sure your friend will like it a lot! Woot!

  4. Gel said:

    IT IS GORGEOUS. I love how talented you are especially with that kind of thing! I envy you! I don’t even know how to draw! I’m sure your friend will LOVE that!!!

  5. Sara said:

    Wow!! That is so amazing!
    I really love your final product!!
    I wish I could draw/paint/do anything artistic. xD
    So pretty!

  6. Fia said:


    I am left speechless with awe at your talent.

  7. Dakota said:

    Hey you! I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now… Would you mind if I linked you?

  8. Thao said:

    Wow! That looks amazing!! I wish I could paint!

  9. Katy said:

    Wow that’s such a thoughtful present and one that you obviously spent a lot of time on. I’d love to have you as a friend. =P

  10. jessica said:

    Wow Amazing!! I wish I had skillz like you T^T

    And wow UMAT sounds awesome, I wish I lived in Australia. But i guess you do have to work hard in High school while we just work hard in undergrad college T^T But I would rather take the UMAT because it is for all kinds of health related fields, but in the US, we have MCAT (medical school), DATs (dental school), OATs (optometry), etc, etc. So if I was considering dental school and med school, I would have to take both MCATs and DATs… which would be kinda annoying (the tests are a little different)

  11. daisy said:

    it looks amazing!
    i like the clean black lines, you did a great job~
    i really admire people who can draw because i just cannot xD

  12. Veronica said:

    Nice! Roy would be proud. All you gotta do is fine some Zip-i-tone! ;)

  13. Sasha said:

    Happy New Year!

    That’s a really good painting! I think it’s so hard to get the lines straight and they look flawless. :)

  14. Nel said:

    Awesome! I wish I had the patience and the talent to come up with something like that. I’m sure your friend will be very pleased.

  15. Nikki said:

    Wow, good work. I wish I could draw like that O.O

    Thank you for wishing me a happy new year. I hope yours was a lot better then mine ^^;

  16. tiff said:

    That is pretty darn cool, man. It looks like a piece of vintage comic strip :D

  17. jessica said:

    LOL I actually organized my closet today and vacuumed too, and I also have that good feeling, but I still didn’t do much school work D: And it’s the end of the day for me, so it’s just another unproductive day without much MCAT studying T^T I just want to be in Med school already, this is giving me anxiety

  18. Nanako said:

    WOW, no wonder you’re going to Italy haha.
    This is beautiful, your friend will be so amazed, especially at the time you’ve spent into it. Youre a good friend ^-^

  19. hannie said:

    seriously, you are one amazing artist. WOW good job! that looks so good and so professional!

  20. Lordy but that’s impressive! A regular Roy Lichtenstein you are – what a lucky birthday girl!

  21. Viki said:

    woaah that drawing looks awesome.
    kind of looks like the one of the guy and the girl int he car, yeahh some famous one i’ve seen :P

    yeahh the movie was great!
    but a lot of people said it wasn;t the same as the book?
    haha i didnt read the book and it was really good!
    yeah i feel like i’ve given in when i cry, defeated.
    like i’m the looser of this.
    terrible feeling D:
    hmm i wonder why people cry because they’re happy,?
    waht triggers than?
    strange stuff :P

  22. emm said:

    that’s amazing!
    good job!
    don’t you think it’s kinda unfair that you’re good at arts and science?

  23. My Linh said:

    Nuu~ I missed this post. Waah, you did a nice job. I’m jealous of your friend. Me would also like this for my apartment. :D

  24. Jenii said:

    OMG! What an amazing piece….*o* What a lucky friend!! To get such a loving artwork. I can see this on some wall somewhere super trendy :D

  25. May said:

    That’s amazing :o
    I love it <3

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