Things I Love

Exercising: Not very happy when I wake up in the morning knowing I have to do it but once I get into it and finish it; it’s the best feeling. Suddenly I feel rejuvenated and full of energy; it’s like all the trash has sweated out and my whole body has woken up!  

How I Met Your Mother: Great show! Funny, cheeky and sweet. The story is told through the eyes of the main character, Ted who’s telling his children how he met their mother. He takes viewers and his children back to his early 20 to mid-20 days and we see this romantic architect trying to find the girl of his dreams with his quirky and funny friends by his side. The show definitely relates to uni people or post-uni people who are trying to find themselves and create a life and of course have a hell lot of fun along the way.

Takoyaki: Octopus balls!! I had them the other night at Meshiya Japanese Restaurant with my friends and they were scrumptious! I’m craving them now..

Baking: My highschool English teacher once told me: “You will never be satisfied with anything in life… well except if you bake a really good cake.” So true so true. I baked a mini-cake yesterday to try out my new star-shaped-cake tin I had purchased from Vietnam and used the rest of the cake mix for cupcakes!!! It feels so great baking a cake from scratch; it’s like you take care and pour your love (or concentration) into every step. Despite pouring too much cake mix into the tin and having a bit overflow over the edge, or messing up the proportions in the icing, or having not so-rounded cupcakes as one would have hoped; there’s a sense of satisfaction at the end of it.

Painting: For the past 2 and a bit days I’ve been working on a Birthday present for my friend. She saw a Pop Art piece I did 5 years ago lying around in my room and loved it so much she wanted to buy it off me, so I decided to paint a Pop Art piece for her as a little surprise. (I’ll post photos of it once the gloss has tried) It’s been so long since I’ve done a complete-paint-piece and I enjoyed all of it: the planning; the choosing of paints; the staying up late into the night painting while listening to Joshua Radin; the getting paint all over my arm; the frustration when I can’t seem to control the paint brush and now waiting for the gloss to dry… I love it all.    

Other lovely things: Pop Art; thinking up Birthday presents for people; people sending you emails introducing themselves; showers after exercising; my little sister (even when I didn’t ask) working very hard to find the dress which caught my eye; decorating cakes; Ugly Betty; Eli Stone; fried eggplant; Joshua Radin late at night and hope.

P.S. For those who haven’t changed my old URL ( to this new URL, please change it.

  1. Lorik said:

    awwwwww i wish i lived in Australia so I could try one of your cupcakes!! They look adorable!!~ Are those pearly decorations edible? So cute~

    Painting is one of those things….when you are doing it for fun…it’s so great! I put everything I have into a painting….but…if its for school….I just hate it hahahaha~ I can’t wait to see how your present turns out!!

  2. Lorik said:

    haha~ they are so cute ^_____^ i wanna make some cupcakes before school starts…maybe tomorrow..if I wake up on time! I’ve been waking up superrrr late everyday!

  3. Thao said:

    <3 UGLY BETTY!!

    Painting is so much fun, except I never really know how to start so it takes me awhile to get to it.

    Your cupcakes look just too cute!

  4. My Linh said:

    OMG! I love How I Met Your Mother, too! It’s really funny. It covers all the stereotypes within. Oh, it’s going to be on TV tomorrow again. Won’t gonna miss it! They show 2 episodes here once a week. x3

    Your cupcakes look so sweet! I haven’t been baking in a while but first should be finished with cleaning up… I feel dirty when it’s not cleaned up. D:

    Good luck with your painting. I can’t paint at all~ can’t wait to see it. ^^

  5. Tara said:

    Mmmm. Cupcakes. Looks awesome!!! <333 Give me some?

  6. Tiff said:

    Ahhh takoyaki! The mention of takoyaki makes me miss Japan again. I miss Japan so much…

  7. Gel said:

    Eeeekkk cupcakes! Now i’m craving for some!!! GIMME!!! :3 Heehee.

    One of my friends said HIMYM is a good show too! Too bad I don’t get the time to watch the episodes but I will, soon! (hopefully..) :p

  8. Brigitte said:

    Those cupcakes look so very cute and I’ll bet delicious, too!

    I’m glad you have the motivation to exercise… I do, for small periods of time but then after like 2 months I start forgetting and then just don’t start up again. But you’re right… once you get going it’s so fun and makes you feel good!

    Awww how nice of you to make a painting for your friend! Both of you get the rewards out of that, from you painting to her getting one. (:

  9. Kate said:

    Ahaaa cute cupcakes! XD
    Thanks for commenting. ;) This just might be the first book I have ever bought with my own money and plan on actually reading. Ahaaa I hate to read and I have to be forced by my english teacher to read books. And even that I go on to get answers. XDD My parents always tried to get me to read, but I never wanted to. :p

    Yesss, I am lame. xP

  10. Gem said:

    i wanna taste takoyaki, lol. (naming my new blog after that is just weird when i haven’t even tried eating it yet) XDDDD i wanna try baking toooooo!!! SOON!XD i hope i do. i miss painting, hahaha, i’ve even included it in my resolutions!

  11. Gem said:

    btw, i saw in your foot header that your surname is Hoang? do you happen to know Hanh Hoang by any chance?or hoang is just a very common surname.XD

  12. jessica said:

    you make me wanna eat cupcakes =(

    I need to lose my fat D:

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