You are remarkable

My sleeping has not improved for the past year, so I finally went to my GP (just as I thought) she told me there were two options: drugs or relaxation. Also lately I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling really stiff, so I’ve decided to start exercising again. At least thirty minutes, three times a week before Summer holidays end. I want to feel fit and healthy again. There’s no use being skinny but feeling/being unhealthy.

Anyway, on to inspiring news.  I’ve briefly posted about this website on one of my “Things I Love” posts, but I think it’s about time I share to you one of the sites I frequently visit when I’m feeling down or uninspired. The site is called YOU ARE REMARKABLE and its founders’ goal is to spread love and happiness. They have a lovely mission, where all they ask for is for you to scribble lovely words or messages on pieces of paper or on the back of a photo and leave them in random places for people to find. The site contains quotes, interviews, lists, special finds and love letters just to remind you of the beauty in life and that every individual is gold. 

It took me a broken heart and depression to realise that I needed to believe and trust myself more. I needed to change my life around. After all who would love me if I didn’t love myself? And that’s my ultimate goal: to be content with myself and my circumstances. 

Do the things which tickle you inside and give a twinkle in your eye; whether it’s painting; rollerskating in pink tutus or writing a romance classic, do it! Create a purpose. Leave a mark, because you are remarkable!

  1. that’s a great site – random acts of kindness are the best!

    you ARE remarkable!

  2. Lorik said:

    Ah! what a remarkable website ^_______^

    Exercise is so awesome! I wish I had more time to exercise~ it really rejuvenates me!

  3. tiff said:

    Awwwww, that’s a terrific idea!

    If I were to find a random note that said something sweet, it would certainly make me feel all good and warm inside, even though it may not be for me.

    Thanks for the linking the site!

  4. Tiff said:

    As a yoga fanatic, i’d encourage you to try yoga!

    I’m glad things are looking up for you and I hope 2009 really turns things around for you. It’s true what you say about who will love you if you don’t love yourself, but to add to that it’s essential that you do love yourself. I really believe that all humans need love but there no way in hell i’m going to rely on someone else to provide a necessity for me. I’m lucky I did find someone else to love me, but you never know what may happen.

    Also, yep Snap is that thing that shows up after you hover over links. The one I had made it really hard to click on the links itself and it annoyed me.

  5. emm said:

    that’s a great website!!!
    thanks for the link
    and yeah i need to excersise more too T_T

  6. Gel said:

    Whenever i’m feeling down or empty, i’d be sure to check out that site. Thank you for sharing it. The instant I saw the sign “You are Remarkable” gave me a good feeling :)

  7. Tara said:

    That site sounds awesome. We need more of those in the world where we are slowly becoming so pessimistic and mean to each others.

  8. My Linh said:


    Aww, that website is so cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, to love yourself first is important! You can feel if a person is a happy person or not.

    I had to learn to accept myself more, too. I think I kinda made it, epecially thanks to a special person. :3 Well, it took years though. I never thought I would be very happy one day but it now I am!

    Great goal, you put for yourself! You can do it. I believe in you and never give up because you never know what happens next! ^^

  9. Fia said:

    I have an inverse sleeping habits too. I went to the doctor before, gave me pills, but I only drank it once cause it gave nausea. Gah. So I’m still suffering from lack of sleep. x.x

    That’s a nice goal. And not just be contented, but also grateful. :)

  10. Katy said:

    That is a beautiful website with a truly meaningful mission. I think I’m going to leave a couple messages around this weekend. =)

  11. jessica said:

    Yea, I think exercise helps everything, sleep and appetite :O

    And MCATs are the Med School admission tests here, everyone usually goes crazy about them. What are UMATs? o.O And if Med is an undergrad program, does that mean you worked really hard in high school to get in?

  12. daisy said:

    i think i already fell in love with it reading your description, it’s such an inspiring site, i’m sure i’ll visit often =)

    i hope your sleep will improve soon, i learned from experience that you can only be healthy if you sleep well, good luck with exercising! keep it up =D

  13. Thao said:

    Yes, you are remarkable Leanne. =]

    I think I felt my personal best when I did track and field for school. They pushed me to my limit and beyond. I felt healthy, energetic, and good about myself for my accomplishments and hard work. So yes, exercise FTW!!

    However, I don’t have much time anymore. The most I do is Tai Chi once a week and that isn’t really anything since I don’t really do it long enough. I think I might start running on the weekends now that you seem to have inspire me to exercise more.

  14. Leann said:

    Wow, that is a unique website. I think that its so great to have something to go to when you feel down or discouraged.

    I’m happy that you are exercising to feel healthy! :) I once read that exercising increases energy by 50% so that is definitely a good thing!

  15. Cynthia said:

    I have to agree, being skinny but unhealthy just sucks. I have the same problem, rrrgh! But it’s winter over here so it’s harder to go exercising, lol.

    Have you tried changing your mattress? I heard that that can help with waking up in the morning. :P

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