Vietnam trip 08- Nha Trang

I went out to a Vietnamese restaurant with my family for lunch today and it reminded me that I still had heaps of photos from our Vietnam trip that I’d like to post. During our visit to Vietnam, we went on a tour of Nha Trang which is about 8-9 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City by train. We rode on a Harry-Potter-style train with cabins and arrived these early in the morning.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a beautiful place along the coast near the middle of Vietnam. Unfortunately I didn’t get to swim at the beaches because the weather was poor, however I managed to take heaps of beautiful scenery photos which I’m having a terrible time choosing which to put up! There are too many to choose from! (Beware: image heavy!)

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

We soaked in mineral mud at the Hot Springs 

Cable cars


 Vinpearl; an island 3km from Nha Trang and you travel by cable car to get there


Vinpearl has a resort, aquarium, amusement park & water park


The water and light show was amazing! (This was the stage where some of the Miss Universe 2008 competition was held)

on the boat

 on the boat 

Nha Trang is surrounded by many islands, each with its own unique appeal and we visited them by boat

Hoa Lan

Hoa Lan

Hoa Lan

Hoa Lan Island  

Little monkey

Thi Island is populated by monkeys and we got to feed them. They were very cute but sometimes very rude & cheeky indeedy 

Bonaga temple

Bonaga temple

Bonaga Temple was built by the Cham people who once inhabitated Vietnam until the Vietnamese people took over.

Buddha in the lying position


Long Son Temple 

Diamond Bay

Stadium for Miss Universe

Diamond Bay: where Miss Universe 2008 was held

Last Emperor's holiday house

The Last Emperor’s holiday house

  1. Wow! I’d love to visit Vietnam someday – beautiful pictures!!

  2. My Linh said:

    Oh, I fed monkeys in Vietnam, too! My aunt gave one of them a bubble-gum and the monkey really was chewing on it for a long time like a human… @.@

    I think I was never in Nha Trang though… Oh, I want to make a trip with my bf and show him Vietnam! :)

  3. Thao said:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to the beaches in Vietnam. Since I couldn’t swim, my mom made sure I never went anywhere near the ocean…

  4. Lorik said:

    I love the photos ^_________^ Vietnam looks beautiful!

    awwwwwwwwwwww. monkeys……..awwwwww

  5. Leann said:

    I have never been to Vietnam and had no idea how it looked. But wow, its so beautiful!! :) I really like the beach photos and going to the hot springs must have been really relaxing and fun. The light show photo is really cool too :)

  6. Gel said:

    Those are pretty cool pictures and the quality of the pictures are nice too. The way you take photographs aren’t amateur-ish or anything. Good job! :)

    BTW I have a new layout up plus a simple contest, I hope you’ll find the time to check it out and join! :)

  7. Aurelia said:

    Man, that’s an amazing blog note. I enjoyed watching those pictures a lot. Maybe because I love traveling?

    I could actually feel the atmosphere of Vietnam. Even though I dislike Asia and countries included, it looks like a nice place. Too bad you’ve got to show no picture of local people. It would spicy up a bit this note!

    Anyhow, I really like your site. :) You reminded me of the beauty of the world.

    Take care!

  8. daisy said:

    all the photos are so pretty! *O*
    i love that beach~
    & that monkey is so cute! xD

  9. Tiff said:

    Oh my God i’m so sorry I couldn’t fix your image problems! I’m really not the best when these sorts of issues so i’m really sorry.

    Meanwhile Vietnam does look extremely beautiful. My friend recently went on holiday there and said it was really beautiful, but then she said she sleep on the ground of a shack for a few days as accomodation or something and i’m like I will reconsider going… i’m all for budget accomodation but I want a mattress!

  10. Katy said:

    What beautiful pictures! I wish I was still going on my vacation to Asia now. =(

    Happy new year girl!

  11. emm said:

    it looks like good weather there
    unlike here
    snowing EVERYDAY

  12. Jenii said:

    LOVELY photos!! Sounds like you had a lovely time in Vietnam <3 The temples are always so…mysterious to me :D

  13. Nicole said:

    Such beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Vietnam, and about twenty other countries! XD

    And I’m so jealous that you got to feed a monkey! It’s so cute!!

    Happy New Year!

  14. jhoana said:

    wow! i envy you. good thing you had visited Vietnam. I’m from Asia but still havent been to other countries except in the Philippines! You took great shots!

    btw. can we exchange links? this blog and my other hit me back if you want okay? thanks!

  15. Pahn said:

    wow, the place had nice views,, oh I missed going to the beach,, I hope I can go this year to one

  16. Honeul said:

    The place look so tempting. The view’s is so relaxing. I hope I can visit those places too..

  17. Tara said:

    Wow, pretty pictures! I wish my pictures would come out nicely like that.

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