Things I Love

Due to Vietnam trip, host disappearance and Christmas hype I’ve missed out on 6 or 7 “Things I Love” weekly posts and I think it’s time I get back to it. Trust me, I’ve been doing them mentally when my laptop was not within reach! So here are the things I’ve loved during the past week!

2009! I’m am really excited about this year! I have so many things planned and so many things not planned and after being in a hole for most of 2008; I just want to explode! I’m just delirious with what the year brings after such a fun 1st of January.

My cousins: I don’t see them often because we live on opposite sides of the city and have our own lives to live but I always enjoy seeing and catching up with them. They are like my sisters and brothers.

Changing patterns: I’ve never mentioned it much but my relationship with my parents is not so sweet. I’ve decided maybe I should take some responsibility in changing how things go on between us. I can’t change my parents, but I can change me. I can choose to react and fall into the same patterns or avoid it. There’s a lot of work to do, but I think it is much better than having fights over every petty thing, and it makes me feel better.

Italy: I seriously can’t stop dreaming about it! Getting the paperwork done was a huge hassle, because I was in Vietnam when suddenly all these urgent emails came in about deposits, insurance & accomodation which freaked me out. But now I have most of the paperwork & payments settled and I simply cannot wait! My first trip overseas alone… and it’s Italy! Itaalllyyyyy!

Other lovely things: gifts from Germany; emails from New York; cute cherry tattoos; roast lamb; pretending to smell & taste wine properly; welcome home text messages; Lady Gaga!; quotes from Perfect Girls & Starving Daughters by Courtney Martin- I want this book!; having presents bigger than the Christmas tree; 9 hour shopping blitz; Taylor Swift & her sweet love songs; trying on huge pumps; being complimented on my hair by girls & questioned by boys, hahaha; catching someone staring at me; Grill’d burgers; singing loud & proud; sitting in the car at midnight laughing & listening to music; my Banglez sandals; hugs; getting to know someone and screaming “Happy New Year” out of a car!

  1. Lorik said:

    Ahhh Leanne~~ I want to wish you a Happy New Year~ 2008 was filled with lots of things…good and bad…we made it though! I hope this new year brings you lots of happiness Leanne~ you deserve it! thank you for being such a great friend…thank you~~~~

  2. happy new year girl :)) i’m hoping for a much much better year :)) goodluck to all of us ~

    btw, I love some of your lovely things too :))hihi..

  3. My Linh said:

    My relationship with my parents isn’t sweet either but it got a little better after I moved out and then I stopped trying. Don’t change yourself if that makes you unhappy. I hope it works for you though. :)

    Oh, Italy ~ nice. When are you going? I’m sure you will have lots of fun! I’m jealous, I have never travelled alone.

  4. Karen said:

    Happy new year, Leanne! I loved this entry^^ Good luck with all that paper work for Italy. I’m sure it’s worth it :) The trip sounds so exciting!

  5. Nanako said:

    I can’t believe you’re going to beautiful Italy!!
    ITALLY~~~ !!!

    What a wonderful place to go, you are so lucky. And to have the adventure on your own, how exciting >_<!

  6. tiff said:

    First Vietnam, now Italy? Now THAT is awesome. You sure know how to live life :)

  7. Gel said:

    I rarely get to see my cousins as well even though they’re like 30 minutes away from our house. You went to Vietnam? That’s really cool! :) I’ve never been to any other countries. I’m super excited about 2009 too. I hope it’s as good as 2008! :D

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