2008 Look back

I wouldn’t label 2008 as one of my favourite years and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to leaving it behind. However I want to recognise the things 2008 has taught and given me these last 366 days so I can step into 2009 with a sense of preparation.

My 20th Birthday

Things I have learnt in 2008:

  • There are relationships in my life which don’t make me happy and I want to change those patterns.
  • I’m an emotional and sensitive person and sometimes I can take things too seriously. I want to learn to slow down and not take things too personally.
  • I expect people in my life to have certain roles and when they fall out of that mould I get very upset. I want to be more flexible and allow for idiosyncrasies.
  • My attitude towards myself has improved over the last year and I want 2009 to be the grounds for more self-lovin’ xD
  • Fiona's 21st Birthday

    What I did in 2008 that I had never done before:

  • Get a cropped hair cut
  • Be part of the underground art scene- Dr. Sketchy
  • Go to the Melbourne International Arts Festival
  • Go to an Art Deco exhibition
  • Go go-karting
  • Meet a blog friend- Winniey
  • Attend a pink picnic that was advertised on iCiNG & chatting to lovely ladies & playing get-to-know-you-games over champagne & Sugadeaux cupcakes
  • Attend a 21st with nearly 1000 guests
  • Drink a giant magherita
  • Eat cold churros at midnight
  • Travel to Cambodia
  • Design the layout for a magazine!
  • Attend a med students’ convention & dress up in weird sexy costumes for 5 nights
  • Apply for a Arts program in Italy- and be accepted as a result!
  • Taste sea urchin & pig’s bone marrow- yuck!
  • Scrub in for surgery
  • Spontaneously skipping tutes & lectures for a day and taking my friend on a magical car ride to celebrate her Birthday
  • Walk along the middle of the road in the city at 2am while freezing my ninnies off
  • AMSA Convention- Tokyo Drift Night

    New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Live to a budget
  • Have a personal date (ie. me time) once a week
  • Make 3 new friends
  • Eat more vegies & drink more water
  • Learn to cook one Vietnamese dish
  • Take risks
  • Pay someone a compliment everyday
  • Happy New Year! May 2009 bring amazing mindboggling experiences, spine tingling fun and a sprinkle of lovely surprises for everyone~

    1. Gem said:

      happy new year and goodluck with your resolutions! those are very specific goals you’ve got there.hahaha, i’ve always made general goals so i fail in achieving them.LOL.oh wait, i need to make my own list too!XDDDDD the hair looks good on you!!! :3

    2. Jenn~ said:

      Yay, glad you got the card.. and not TOO late, haha~ ^^ I think your resolutions are within reach.. which makes them more attainable. Live to a budget has been mine for many, many years, haha~ This has got to be the year that it finally happens!! Best wishes for a wonderful NEW YEAR!!^________^

    3. Tara said:

      Happy New Year! <3 I don’t believe in making resolutions, so I’m not making any XD Sounds like you had a pretty fantastic year despite some issues.

    4. My Linh said:

      HAPPY NEW YEAR! :3

      Thanks, I’m doing well… and I hope you do, too!
      Good luck with your resolutions, too.

      Make 3 friends… sweet. Well, we learn every year something new. I hope 2009 is going to be a great year for you. ^^

    5. Tiff said:

      It’s good that you’ve learnt things from the year… I can’t stand the people who just charge through life thinking there’s nothing for them to learn and change. I honestly can’t stand those sorts of people!

      Meanwhile I very much hope that you stick to your resolutions, especially the ‘me time’ one! Good luck and happy new years!

    6. Leann said:

      I think that its always good to reflect about the past year :) This year wasnt the best for me too but not bad either. And going go-karting this year for the first time is awesome!!! =) Well I wish you all the best and have lots of fun with your friends and family!! (By the way, would you like to be blog buddies?)

    7. jessica said:

      wow, 20 yrs old and a medical student? Amazing :O And you tried a lot of new things this year, I havent really done anything D: Well good luck on your new year’s resolutions and happy new years :D

    8. tiff said:

      Aw, what a nice collection of 2008 memories you have!

      Your cropped hair cut is hawt btw!

      Happy New Years

    9. Sara said:

      Happy New Year!
      Best Wishes to you in 2009!

    10. Thao said:

      Those are some great new years resolution. I shall steal some. =]

    11. Happy New Year & Best Wishes Leanne

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