Christmas & post-Christmas

I had low expectations of this Christmas; actually I wasn’t expecting anything at all, but it turned out to be a rather pleasant one. Usually my family’s Christmas involves opening presents in the morning and then going off doing on our own thing for the rest of the day, however this year my Mum decided we should go visit her sisters (my aunty) and their families. We visited my Aunty Uyen and her family first and I got to catch up with my cousin Daniel which was really nice because I really enjoy our chats. For the past 2 years I’ve stayed at their house because it was closer to Uni, so I spoke to him everyday, so it was really nice to sit down and catch up. Afterwards, we went to Aunty Cuc’s house and were invited to stay for dinner because my cousin Clifford was cooking roast lamb and veggies! My first proper family Christmas dinner/roast!

My little sister and I usually do not receive many presents for Christmas; it’s more of a time for me and my sister to go nuts and buy gifts for our parents. I received money from my Dad, milk bath and Steve Madden Banglez sandals from my little sister and cute earrings, German chocolate and ginger bread from my cousin Lily from her trip to Germany.

German chocolates & ginger bread

Steve Madden Banglez! Apparently, Kate Moss and Heidi Klum love em too!

Steve Madden Banglez! Apparently, Kate Moss and Heidi Klum love 'em too!

Boxing Day was a crazy day for my little sister and I. Due to my sister we arrived at Highpoint Shopping Centre at 7:30am! We shopped for 9 hours (new record!)! 

I don’t know if I’m just weird, but I always end up trying on and eye-ing non-sale items instead of the sale items. But in the end I purchased a sweet Bardot singlet, Inglot cream foundation, under the make up base and foundation base (my first foundation!) and Mexico 66 Onitsuka Tiger shoes! Omygoshhh I’ve wanted them for so long and now I finally own a pair! $180 down to $100! :D

Mexico 66 Onistuka Tiger shoes

  1. Tara said:

    Ooooh. The shoes look lovely! And chocolate! MMMMM.

  2. Leanne said:

    AHHH! The SM Banglez! I tried them on and my sister said I looked stupid :( But you don’t look stupid at all! Awww, I want them!

    It’s great that you had a nice change for Christmas and enjoyed it!

    9 hours?! My sister and I only managed to do 5 I think before I started complaining about my feet :P

  3. Karen said:

    Ohh, German chocolate….they look so good :D Those Steve Madden Banglez sandals look great on you!

    I know what you mean about shopping during sales… It’s usually those non-sale items that catch our eyes first! XD

  4. daisy said:

    leanne you didn’t even leave your new url!
    im happy now that i found it xD

    i didn’t go shopping on boxing day to avoid the crowds x_x
    glad you got those shoes & on sale =D

  5. emm said:

    the tigers are awesome!
    iworked all day lol

  6. Gem said:

    i noticed that when people don’t expect much from events like christmas, it turns out to be wonderful!hahahaha, pretty much applies to everything i guess. :3 just a random thought.

    merry christmas!!!! i love the sandals. :)

  7. Kate said:

    the sandals are lovely. & chocolate is always a top gift to recieve, right? <3

  8. dayze said:

    ahhh hot sandals!

    share, chocolate pretty please? :p

  9. Thao said:

    SHOES!! I totally forgot to buy shoes! Oh well, there’s always New Year’s Eve sale…

    I love your sandals! I’ve seen them around for a while and have been debating whether or not to get them.

  10. Tiff said:

    Shoes are ruining my wallet right now! And nope, my Boxing Day shopping turned out to be a bunch of non-sale items too. Chronic unable-to-shop-thrifty syndrome maybe?

  11. Nanako said:

    I’m glad you had a good christmas :)

    awww I want those shoes >_< !!~
    Wow 9 hours? I’m usually the first to complain after 2! But thats amazing, what endurance!

    I would love to link exchange with you! I love the new url name~

  12. Merry Christmas Leanne :)

    The sandals are pretty.

  13. Anna said:

    Haha! You’re not weird at all! I ALWAYS end up buying things that are not on sale when it’s sales time. Gah! I despise myself for doing that! It’s like the (especially clothing) shops take in extremely cute and original-priced clothes when it’s sales, so that people go and buy the original-prices clothes rather than the sales clothes! Gah! I know they’re doing it on purpose :P They never have as cool original-priced clothes when it’s NOT sales!

    And yeah. My family doesn’t do anything the whole day except for eating a somewhat more fancier dinner at night before opening the few presents we get, and then well, go and do out own stuff again. I’ve made it a tradition though, and watch a couple of christmas movies that they show every christmas. :P

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